Featured Artist: Kristen Brand – White Knight and Black Valentine

I mentioned before that one of my favorite hobbies is to explore the world of indie authors for hidden gems lost in the sea of coal. And one of my favorite genres to explore for great indie authors is the superhero genre. What’s that? Yes, pros superhero fiction exists and it’s awesome. There are quite a few notable authors in the indie superhero genre, but Kristen Brand truly stands out. Her main trilogy follows the retired superhero White Knight and his wife, the former supervillainess, the Black Valentine. The first book begins after both have been married, retired, and had a child. It’s kind of like the Godfather 3’s: “they keep pulling me back in.” But what do you expect when one of the most notorious villains in the country marries the most popular heroes in the country? Being the best comes with a lot of baggage…a lot of baggage that doesn’t go away. The stories are well edited, excellently

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Imagine My Shock

The fight for free speech took a dark turn when several major companies (Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify) decided to ban the political commentator Alex Jones all in the same day. It was a frightening show of force by the politically left-leaning companies which showed the people that we have allowed social media companies to monopolize the way we speak to each other. It showed us that these companies can silence wrong-thinkers with a simple flip a switch. But one social media, surprisingly, decided not to follow suit: Twitter. Jack Dorsey is the public face of Twitter and has garnered the reputation as a biased warrior of Social Justice for the clear bias Twitter has shown against notable and effective Anti-SJW superstars, most notably Milo Yinnopoulos – former tech editor of Breitbart and fabulous provocateur. (A.K.A. @Nero). And it didn’t stop there. Also, Twitter seems to suppress pro-conservative tags from trending, or at least, trending for too long. However, while they

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Afterthought: It is Not Easy to Become Sane

“You are a slow learner, Winston.” “How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.” “Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.” ― George Orwell, 1984 Original Video: Superhero Comics Are For Men Ever since Ghostbusters 2016, there’s been a strange trend occurring amongst the Social Justice saturated media that stems right from George Orwell’s 1984…well, another trend. What might that be? In an era where political correctness has reached tyrannical levels of control on society, the media began to tag some movies as socially mandatory. When Ghostbusters 2016 hit theaters, and even before then, the media decided to shame anyone who criticized the movie. In their eyes, if you loved the movie, then you were a good person who supported women. If you thought the

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Featured Artist: Mike Leon and Kill Team One

Mike Leon is a master of pumping shamelessly over-the-top testosterone fest after testosterone fest that skull fucks political correctness every chance it gets. And if that sentence was “too offensive” for you, then turn back now – because that’s nothing compared to the paradise of offense in these books…and I loved every minute. Discovering and reading independent authors is one of my favorite hobbies. I stumbled upon Mike Leon’s work a few months ago. I started with Rated R, which makes sense since it’s titled as book one, then I read Kill Kill Kill which appears like a stand-alone novel, but is actually the prequel to Rated R. Be warned, these books run on the black and grey morality concept. In other words, the protagonists would probably be bad guys in any other story. Even the most moral characters end up stabbing children to death or burning whole families alive. But if that’s the case, how bad are the villains?

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The Quartering Gets Assaulted: Should There Be Consequences?

Jeremy Hambly, also the YouTuber known as The Quartering, was allegedly assaulted by a man named Matt Loter in a bar. Why was Jeremy Hambly assaulted? Because the guy wearing a rainbow decided The Quartering should be beaten for his opinions. The assault was apparently savage enough for concussions to possibly be part of the picture. Political violence is something that’s been becoming more and more common since “Punch A Nazi.” The story is clear-cut. SJW who loved Anita Sarkeesian decided violence was alright because The Quartering doesn’t like her. Typically, left-wingers tend to get a lot of sympathies when they commit violence, if they don’t outright get away with it completely. However, Hambly has decided to sue Loter in civil court. Now, this seems like common sense, but I have seen this move criticized for being too close to something a Social Justice Warrior would do. And, is it really? Social Justice Warriors are easily identified by their ability

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5 Great Alan Moore Stories You Never Heard Of

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys movies or you occasionally dabble into the world of comics, chances are the name Alan Moore rings a bell. “Isn’t he the guy who wrote Watchmen?” “Hey! That’s the V for Vendetta guy.” “Didn’t he write the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?” “He’s the writer of the Killing Joke, isn’t he?” If your response was anything like that, then you would be correct. Those are some of the most famous works by Alan Moore, but they aren’t his only works and they definitely aren’t his only good ones. So, I’ve put together a short list of Moore stories I think are worth a read… Spoiler Warning! Brief Lives One of the most interesting things about Alan Moore is his signature use of nihilistic humor. And Brief Lives is one of the best examples of an Alan Moore style dark nihilistic comedies. The story revolves around a proud alien empire of spider people who

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