Featured Artist: JAWBREAKERS – Richard Meyer, Jon Malin, Brett Smith

Jawbreakers – Lost Souls started as the brainchild of Richard Meyer, an ex-marine and lover of comics, who currently runs the very successful Diversity&Comics YouTube channel. In an industry that has taken a hard turn to the left, cut out all beauty, and refocused their product from giving us fun adventures to giving us political lectures – the Jawbreakers team decided to create a comic that harkened back to the distant past when comics were meant to be fun.

The premise is built on an interesting conundrum, playing on the real-life shift from lower powered pulp heroes of the past to the galaxy destroyers of today, what happens to all the old heroes once the gods and supermen take over?

In the summary of the comic itself: “The Jawbreakers are a group of ex-superheroes turned mercenaries.”

I guess after living a life as a guy who fought villains by creating objects out of the stuff he summoned with his mind, it’s going to be hard getting used to office work. But, perhaps, the boldest move the Jawbreakers team ever made was to focus on creating a fun over-the-top 1990’s style action adventure…instead of another issue of “conservatives are all evil.”

What some may not know is, this isn’t Meyer’s first time raising cash for a comic. Back in 2012, he was involved in a campaign to raise enough to remaster “No Enemy, But Peace.” – a graphic novel depicting:

“The true story of Sgt. Marco Martinez, a former gang-banger who joined the Marines and earned the Navy Cross in Iraq.”

Meyer surpassed his goal of $3,500, generating around $4000. However, by the time Jawbreakers went up on Indiegogo, circumstances had changed dramatically. The graphic novel’s announcement in April 2018 revealed that an epic three-man band had arrived to rock the comics world to its foundations.

We have:

Richard C. Meyer playing the part of lead writer.

Jon Malin (Cable, New Warriors, Thunderbolts) on drawing duties.

And his majesty Brett Smith (G. I. Joe, Wolverine, Batman, Justice League, Harley Quinn, Clinton Cash) as the master of colors.

So, how badly did this titanic trio rock the comic’s world exactly?

Toward the end of the campaign, the comic had generated a staggering $150,000 for the promise of a high-octane adventure filled with macho badasses and alluring femme fatales.

When it was announced that their book is going to shelves, Marvel creators launched a hate campaign just to stop it. They succeeded, but the outrage over these gatekeeping tactics spurned more people into action, and support for Jawbreakers-Lost Souls doubled. It now sits at $327,000. But it doesn’t end there.

Jawbreakers was the icebreaker for more indie comic to rise up and meet the demand Marvel and DC were actively refusing to meet. Next followed

Ravage: Kill All Men – Another pulse-pounding adventure revolving around two army vets who get trapped in a mythical jungle with a bloodthirsty tribe of women who kill men. This project is headed by Benjamin L. Henderson ( founder, writer, and editor-in-chief of Cautionary Comics), legendary artists Jimbo Salgado and Bryan Arfel Magnaye…and joined by the OG supervillain of the comic books industry…Mr. Chuck Dixon.

Cyberfrog: BloodhoneyThis project is lead by the Sith Master, himself, Ethan Van Sciver. The comic is a revival of a character Sciver created back in 1993. Van Sciver has had over 20 years of experience in the industry with his biggest hits being as an artist on several DC titles. In other words – he has the pedigree most might need to accept the promise of a quality final product.

Jawbreakers – Lost Souls is set it hit sometime in August. But, at this point, the book as more than earned its spot among modern legends. It the battle against the madness of Marvel, the comic now stands as the first real comic fan pushback. This was the first big display to Marvel comics that there’s still a lot of money to be made in comics, and that there’s a whole army of fans ready to take a chance on someone who writes something good and…who shows them a little respect. Regardless, Jawbreakers – Lost Souls and its all-star team has changed the rules and set the scene for a glorious indie revolution.

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

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