Remaking the Last Jedi – The True Resistance

A fan remake of The Last Jedi would be the greatest act of resistance against the tyranny of Disney.

One of the greatest stories one can ever tell is the story of a band of heroes rising to topple an arrogant and tyrannical regime. The Last Jedi was a terrible movie filled with blatant left-wing politics and arrogance…so much so that the story suffered for it. The main characters weren’t treated like the main characters. Instead, new characters entered the scene to make the sacrifices and execute the big moves. No direction. No focus. With the recent rumblings of a remake, I think it would be deliciously ironic if a group of fans revolted against the arrogant and tyrannical regime that has taken control of the Star Wars franchise…lead by the Evil Empress Kathleen Kennedy.

With the current dilapidated state of virtually every media outlet in our current era, it’s understandable to feel as if the current heads of entertainment have become too removed from the people. That they care more about politics and pandering to the tenants of political correctness than the loyal fanbases that have been the foundation and the fuel that made the biggest modern franchises into the titanic money-making machines they are today. Now the fans are treated like slaves, expected to give money whenever the Star Wars demands and give mandatory praise whenever Stars Wars commands – regardless of quality. Three movies were all it took for the normal people, the staple bulk of the fanbase to realize that they were no longer wanted. And when the fanbase complained, the arrogant regime currently keeping Star Wars like Jabba the Hut kept slave Leia, decided to blame the loyal fanbase rather than re-evaluate themselves. They essentially bit the hand that fed them. What was the result of the arrogance of Kathleen Kennedy and her Dark Council? An 80-Million-dollar loss with a movie centering around one of the franchise’s most popular characters: Han Solo.

(I mean George Lucas made the infamous prequel trilogy and still brought in huge profits with movies people hated and with characters people hated even more. Wow, I guess women really DID ruin Star Wars…)

I would be a wonderful blow to Disney if a brave group of fans made a low budget remake of the Disney trilogy. One that focused on story and character and one that paid proper homage and respect to one of the pillars of American pop culture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this low budget, fan-made remake became far more popular than their big-budget brethren? I mean, if you really think about it, if a courageous group of fans was to pull off such a feat…it would almost be a return to the basics. Almost as if the franchise had returned to its roots. Almost circular, returning to the hands of a struggling filmmaker and his crew.

It sort of rhymes…doesn’t it?

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