Why Do SJWs Turn Everything into A Comedy?

From Teen Titans, to Thundercats, to Marvel movies, and Star Wars…why do SJWs feel the need to turn everything into cringy comedies?

There’s been an odd trend coming from left-wing showrunners, and that trend is to turn everything into a comedy. We’ve seen this several times, where a fully developed franchise is gutted of its depth and left with only comedy. Of course, there is a long list of genres that cover a long list of interests, but something all the greatest works have in common is balance.

A good work may be decent enough to pass as worthwhile entertainment. A good action movie, for example, will have all the necessary gun battles, explosions, and megalomaniacs needed to keep its target audience engaged until the end. A good romance will have a handsome love interest and a relatively average main character with dreams of a better life and who’s interior beauty will become exterior beauty by the end. Both good. Both get the job done. And both…easily forgotten.

A great movie or television show or book, one that can resonate with a massive audience and continues to stay alive decades after release, usually has a delightful mix drama and comedy. Casablanca is known as a romantic drama, maybe even a tragedy. The movie also has several comedic scenes that still work today. The Godfather was a powerful movie about external and internal struggles of an Italian mob family and the reluctant rise of Michael Corleone to the head of that family. The movie also has several humorous moments. Again, a tasteful mix of drama and comedy. And perhaps one of the most relevant examples might be that of the original Cartoon Network version of Teen Titans.

Teen Titans was a popular show that could go from dark character drama in one episode to a comedic tale about an evil fast-food villain in the next. Like Casablanca and The Godfather, Teen Titans boasted a cast of fascinating characters and a perfect balance of drama and comedy. Then, it got the SJW make-over in the shape of Teen Titans GO!

Teen Titans GO! Kept the universe of its parent show, all the characters, and villains…but with most of the drama and the harsher sides of their personalities removed.

But why do this? Why take something great and then purposefully hobble that greatness?

Usually, the standard policy has been to go the other way. To remove any of the comedic qualities of something and create a darker gritter version…which, more times than not, are also terrible. You’d think decades of terrible remakes would have taught us that too much of one tone is a terrible idea.

But why are Social Justice Warriors so obsessed with turning everything into comedy?

I think it might be due to millennial culture. There’s nothing Millennials seems to hate more than consequences. Drama and comedy work together well. They make up the foundation of greatness, after all. But one thing about dramas is, bad things happen in them and sad things happen in them, and these terrible things are real within the story. If a character died, they stay dead. If something is lost, it stays lost. And there’s no one there to dampen the weight of the drama. Comedies, however, nothing is real. People who die, are usually brought back in some way. Anything lost will be found, and anything bad that happens will be rectified by the end. And the end will most assuredly be a happy one. In other words, there’s nothing dangerous about a comedy.

The Marvel movies have moved from a predominantly drama driven franchise to an increasingly comedic one. Star Wars too was driven by drama and action, but in the hands of the SJWs, it too has fallen into the realm of cringy unbalanced comedy. Just like the gritty remakes, the more these movies and shows move to comedy, the worse they become. They tried repeating this same strategy with Solo, which resulted in a staggering $80,000,000 loss.

This is the era of Social Justice, a systematic softening of everything great. No edge unless it’s state-approved and politically correct. And despite the losses and the anger of the fans…the far left gatekeepers are showing no sign of stopping until we’re all being coddled in one big, boring safe space…

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

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