TIME Magazine – Welcome to America Cover Retraction

TIME Magazine admits they’re FAKE NEWS!

When TIME magazine released their immigration, central cover depicting President Trump standing over a little girl who’d been separated from her parents, it didn’t take long for them to confirm what most of America had already figure out…the cover was FAKE NEWS!


The famous picture of the little Honduran girl was taken by John Moore, an award-winning Getty photographer. The picture was of a little Honduran girl crying after being separated from her family. And like many helpless and suffering children, she became a ripe political tool for left-wing political games. The picture of the little crying Honduran girl became such a sensation, in fact, that TIME Magazine decided to put her on a cover to critique President Trump’s zero tolerance policy. Then just like 90% of Anti-Trump news, which is about 90% of total news being reported on Trump, the TIME cover was just another piece of propaganda disguising itself as news.

The truth is, that little crying Honduran girl was never separated from her family at all. She and her mother were simply detained at a station in Texas. The wife took the daughter, seemingly without the father knowing about her leaving. The father lamented that he never got a chance to say a proper goodbye. Eventually, the father was reunited with his wife and daughter.


In the end, it seems the only separation occurring in the story of the little Honduran girl, was a mother separating her little girl from her father…

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

One thought on “TIME Magazine – Welcome to America Cover Retraction

  1. You don’t understand symbolism, and are just being reactionary without insight into the Time cover you criticize. It was not presented as a direct literal representation or literal depiction of Trump and the little girl, but rather as a symbolic statement about the callousness of Trump. In that context it was a valid visual comment that deserves consideration by anyone with half a brain. If it wasn’t that specific child that was crying about being heartlessly separated from her family then there are plenty of others who faced that hard hearted torturous treatment and unnecessary circumstances. Think of the famous and wrenching photo taken in Nazi Germany of a little boy being taken to a Concentration Camp. O.K. not that bad yet here in America but it’s a reminder that we need to be more caring and sensitive and hold Trump accountable as HISTORY will undoubtedly do in good time.


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