Steven Crowder Confronts Firebomb Lady

Steven Crowder shows us that leftists may call for civility and tolerance, but as they soon demonstrate, one thing the left can’t tolerate is civility.

Louder with Crowder’s Steven Crowder is a right-wing/libertarian political commentator. He’s recently attracted a lot of attention, and reached full meme status, with a segment called Change My Mind. Crowder wades into a strong left-wing area and challenges them to change his mind on certain popular issues such as gun control, immigration, economics, etc. The show is available on his YouTube channel Louder with Crowder.

Being a popular right-wing commentator, Crowder is a lightning rod for liberal hate. This incident struck such a strong cord with Crowder, however, that it has apparently sparked a brand-new segment…Crowder Confronts.

A woman had taken a picture of Crowder beside his van and tweeted out, in emoji form, hinting that someone should firebomb him…for political reasons.

Crowder then located the person, who was at the same venue and confronted her over the issue. And that’s where hilarity ensues. Because these progressive leftists are brainwashed sheep, their response to Crowder arguing that it’s inappropriate to ask people to firebomb someone’s van (which is a crime and isn’t protected by the 1st Amendment) was to chant that: “Healthcare is a human right.”

The main point of the new segment is to publicly call out the “civil and tolerant” left on their liberal use of political violence. First, there was “Kill all men,” than “Kill all white men,” then “Punch a Nazi” …now we have the left defending the call to firebomb the van of someone they don’t like. The sight is equal parts hilarious, pathetic, and horrifying. It’s like Crowder entered a zoo of rabid animals. The whole catalog of progressive ground troops is present: Soy boys, White Knights, Crybully Feminists, Creepy Chanters. And since Crowder was in the right to confront the Firebomb Lady, the incident ends with the progressives doing the same old tactic they always use when they can’t deliver a counter-argument…they start repeating one phrase over and over so no one else can hear you.

Steven Crowder’s “Change My Mind” is a great segment and worth the watch. I have a good feeling about “Crowder Confronts” because judging by what we see in the video, it’s not only going to be highly entertaining, but also highly enlightening.

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