A Quick Rundown on Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson is a right-wing British activist who helped found the EDL (English Defense League), which began as a protest movement. Robinson states that the EDL was created as a response to the rise of Radical Islam within the United Kingdom along with the very serious threat of Sharia Law that came with it. Now, anyone who dabbles in world events might understand why a group of citizens was forced to create a protest movement to oppose the spread of radical Islam rather than rely on state authorities to do the jobs taxpayers expect them to do. As it turns out, big surprise, tax dollars don’t actually pay British police to protect British citizens; those tax dollars actually go to pay British police to follow the orders of politicians. So, when the Europe wide push to protect mass immigration and the millions of immigrants that came with the policy became the latest thing since sliced bread, the governments knew their careers could tank if it failed. They wanted to look kind and compassionate on the world stage while sacrificing the well-being of their citizens under huge spikes in crime, child rape gangs, acid attacks, and terrorism.

That’s kind of how you get President Trump with a 50% approval rating and all the pro-mass immigration European leaders are lucky to reach 35%.

Tommy Robinson saw that, not only was the government refusing to help curb the violence brought along by radical Islam, but they were actively covering it up. They instead opted to protect immigrants over their own people…for political points. And to those who think Robinson’s EDL initiative was a “white-supremacist” thing or some “radical nationalist movement” then you’ve been terribly misinformed. Robinson lived in a multi-cultural neighborhood. And guess what, rational white people aren’t the only ones who developed the talent for identifying radical Islam as a threat to the nation.

Robinson was inspired to create the EDL when he read an article about radical Islamists trying to recruit people, not half a world away in some desert somewhere, but at a bakery right there in his hometown. Now here’s where the government’s desperation to hide all the significant negative effects of mass immigration from the Middle East and Tommy Robinson’s iconic stature collide.

This incident is explained in detail in his book Tommy Robinson Enemy of the State, but someone in the British government tried to have him assassinated.

It began when Robinson was taken to a maximum-security prison for the minor crime of opposing the government agenda. Already, we can see the red flags popping up. Robinson was set to be moved to a different wing where he would’ve been murdered if not for a security guard who decided to warn Robinson about the plan and informed him not to go along. So, when the guards came to transfer him, he refused and was slapped with a few more charges. However, in the location Robinson was being moved to, was a group of dangerous Muslim gang members. Had Robinson complied, he would’ve been brutally killed.

Now, recently, Robinson had been jailed for 13 months for the high crime of reporting on the trial of a Muslim child grooming gang (training children to be sex slaves). Even though his punishment was clearly a mishandling of justice, had it been anyone else it might not have been such a dire situation. But Tommy Robinson is despised by the Muslim criminal community. There was no doubt that attempts on Robinson’s life would be made. And the British government already tried to have him killed in prison once before. If that wasn’t scary enough, a gag order was issued on Robinson’s imprisonment, meaning that the press could not legally report on his situation. (Probably so they could try to assassinate him again without being noticed.) As a result, huge groups of people took to the streets in support of Robinson.

Fortunately, Robinson had been freed when it the decision was reviewed and was deemed NOT as lawful as they’d first stated. For now, Tommy Robinson is a free man, but that isn’t stopping the government from trying to get him back in prison.

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

One thought on “A Quick Rundown on Tommy Robinson

  1. Tommy Robinson is not right-wing and never was. He identifies as being politically a bit to the left. It’s only the MSM who constantly labels him right-wing – please respect the guy’s own opinion and don’t confuse fake news with real.


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