The Quartering Gets Assaulted: Should There Be Consequences?

Jeremy Hambly, also the YouTuber known as The Quartering, was allegedly assaulted by a man named Matt Loter in a bar. Why was Jeremy Hambly assaulted? Because the guy wearing a rainbow decided The Quartering should be beaten for his opinions. The assault was apparently savage enough for concussions to possibly be part of the picture. Political violence is something that’s been becoming more and more common since “Punch A Nazi.” The story is clear-cut. SJW who loved Anita Sarkeesian decided violence was alright because The Quartering doesn’t like her. Typically, left-wingers tend to get a lot of sympathies when they commit violence, if they don’t outright get away with it completely. However, Hambly has decided to sue Loter in civil court. Now, this seems like common sense, but I have seen this move criticized for being too close to something a Social Justice Warrior would do. And, is it really?

Social Justice Warriors are easily identified by their ability to turn nothing into huge malicious offenses. They have also been known to villainize people, get them fired, try to ruin their lives, and obviously physically assault people for “hurting their feelings.” Basically, they will immediately take the nuclear option against anyone actively opposing them and block out anyone who even slightly disagrees with their views. This has resulted in Anti-SJWs taking principled stands against actions taken by the Social Justice crybullies. Most of it is good, like either scarcely or never using the block or mute functions – creating an environment that fosters open discussion. There’s also a general preference of fact-based arguments over the baseless emotional smearing that has become the main, if not the only, weapon used by Social Justice Warriors. Anti-SJWs have also decided to use one standard of behavior as opposed to the double standard employed by SJWs. For example, Anti-SJWs will voice a defense of people who come under fire for their speech, even if the target is a full-fledged member of the Social Justice Shadow Council. Overall, these are good things. But, just like with anything, one can go too far.

I’ve seen a pattern where some people believe any kind of retaliation to be considered SJW style behavior. Flagging a video for using your content outside of fair use, blocking people for any reason, informing the SJWs employer if that person does something particularly terrible or even criminal. And yes, even calling the police on these people. The standard seems to be that insulting SJWs and their crimes in a YouTube video is fine, but actually taking legal action against them…now you’re being an SJW.

Of course, the greatest weapons against Social Justice are facts and speaking in the style of Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Milo Yiannopoulos, but here’s the thing. Social Justice has only grown so powerful and has only been able to infect so many people in powerful positions because the age of the SJW lacks any kind of retaliation. Left Wing radicals are often given free rein to do anything they want. And not only are they given free rein but are often rewarded for doing despicable things. If they punch someone, it’s the fault of the guy who got punched. If their product doesn’t sell, it’s because the country if full of bigots. If you yell at a professor, they don’t get expelled, the professor gets sent to sensitivity training. These people are used to doing whatever they want and treating people however they like, and that’s how this ideology survives…because people either eagerly refuse to oppose them or eagerly give in for the sake of their jobs.

I’m saying there’s a golden mean to how rational people should approach the SJW problem. An Anti-SJW should be careful not to become the monster you’re fighting, but one should also not get so caught up in being an Anti-SJW that one refuses to retaliate at all. Remember, what marks an SJW is their willingness to destroy their opponents for the slightest offense. Their retaliation is disproportionate to the “crime.” One still has the option to fight back without sinking to the level of a Social Justice Warrior. How? By making sure your reactions are appropriate to the crime. If an SJW is just insulting you, feel free to insult back. However, if an SJW is trying to physically assault you, that’s a cause for self-defense. If an SJW has committed a crime, you’re not being an SJW for holding them legally accountable. And having said that…I wish Jeremy Hambly all the luck in the world. I hope the trial goes well, but more importantly, I hope he wins.

Only once Social Justice Warriors start receiving just legal consequences for their unjust actions/behavior will real change take place.

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