Trump Hollywood Superstar

It’s common knowledge by now that left-wing psychos, the same people who took a moral stand against Trump by saying good people accept the results of an election, show that they are still so angry over an election held two years ago that they are continuously smashing Trump’s Hollywood star. Now, the Hollywood City council has announced they will be prosecuting anyone else who dares deface the cherished star of the US President…

Just joking…they’re actually taking a vote on whether or not to remove Trump’s star for his: “disturbing treatment of women.” The “disturbing” treatment here apparently being that nasty heterosexual stuff that men like to do. And as the mainstream media has told us over and over, heterosexuality is the devil.

But cracking down on people who decide to vandalize the Hollywood walk of fame would make some sense. What if anyone could come along and smash a star of a celebrity they didn’t like? It’s a quick ticket to an interview and your face on the news. Now, I might be alone in this, but doesn’t removeing Trump’s star have a “negotiating with terrorists” vibe?

The goal of those vandalizing Trump’s star is to destroy the star and remove him from the walk. The vote being taken by the Hollywood City council is the perfect example of the kind of age we’re living in. The criminal is not to blame. The wrongdoer is not the focus. No, if it’s someone with the right politics, they must be in the right and it’s the object on which they are committing violence that’s the problem. Right now, giving these radicals what they want, is an invitation to continue similar behavior in the future because they know it works. It’s the same reason why the United States has a “no negotiations with terrorists” policy. If random violence gets them what they want, then there’s no reason for committing that violence.

Keep in mind that left-wing radicals, same people who smash a slab of concrete to protest a legitimately elected president, are the same people who wanted the North Korean talks to fail. Anything good Trump does, they want to see fail because good things happening make Trump look good. In fact, that’s a major reason why I think political violence has become so common in America. Violence from the left is often rewarded and encouraged. #PunchANazi was even allowed to become popularized on Twitter despite it’s “commitment to safety and moral behavior.”

This violence is commended by Liberal Hollywood elites who seem to be fine with political violence as long as it’s a right-winger being targeted.

So what’s my point?

Hollywood is a big garbage bin and celebrities are trash. Get rid of the star. Trump doesn’t need to be associated with the morally bankrupt slimeballs of Hollywood anymore.

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