Afterthought: It is Not Easy to Become Sane

“You are a slow learner, Winston.”

“How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.”

“Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”

― George Orwell1984

Original Video: Superhero Comics Are For Men

Ever since Ghostbusters 2016, there’s been a strange trend occurring amongst the Social Justice saturated media that stems right from George Orwell’s 1984…well, another trend. What might that be? In an era where political correctness has reached tyrannical levels of control on society, the media began to tag some movies as socially mandatory. When Ghostbusters 2016 hit theaters, and even before then, the media decided to shame anyone who criticized the movie. In their eyes, if you loved the movie, then you were a good person who supported women. If you thought the terribly made movie was terrible and spit in the face of a beloved franchise, then you were a loser misogynist manbaby who felt his masculinity being crushed because the Ghostbusters were now women. And this held true even if your complaints were about the terrible jokes, the terrible effects, or the awful story.

Several other movies were stamped with the social marker like Wonder Woman and Black Panther. There was an illegal, women’s only screening of Wonder Woman that was totally acceptable with the so-called “anti-sexist” left. Rotten Tomatoes actively purged most negative reviews for Black Panther, letting it have a higher rating than the Godfather or Citizen Kane. I eventually saw Black Panther, and it was…fine. Not great…just fine. But the movie was so protected, in fact, that when one critic dared give it below a 100% it launched a media hate campaign.

Oh, and of course, anyone who said Wonder Woman was less than great was a sexist. Anyone who said Black Panther was less than great was a racist. And yes, you read that correctly: “less than great.” You can’t like these movies. You can’t think they’re alright. According to the Social Justice nut-balls, you either love these movies or you’re a bigot.

Now, why bring this up as an afterthought about a video concerning comics? Well, because SJW Marvel is leading the charge with a similar concept: mandatory social appeal.

What’s happening to comics might look more like the Social Justice quota concept. The one that states that X oppressed minority makes up X% of the population and therefore if X minority does not make up X% of the population in X position, then that means there’s some bigotry going on. Like how feminists want more women in the STEM fields despite a majority of women preferring jobs with more social interaction. They think the male-dominated STEM fields to be a problem. Pretty much anything male-dominated must be male dominated because of blatant sexism. And the same standard is being held to superhero comics.

Males make up a majority of the audience for superhero comics. SJWs and feminazis say this is an obvious result of sexism. If you watched the video, you know this isn’t the case. Women and men prefer different elements in their entertainment. It’s scientifically proven. But SJW Marvel decided that it’s not biology, it’s just sexism. Women make up a significant portion of the comics reading populace and should, therefore, make up a much higher percentage of the superhero comics reading populace. So, as a result, Marvel shifted from producing action adventure superhero comics to Disney channel sitcoms with a superhero skin. Now they’re constantly canceling these SJW series and starting new series with new number ones – creating each with multiple covers – in the hopes of tricking people into buying their comics. Still doesn’t work. Yet, despite holding steadfast with a failing business model, guess what happens when fans criticize comics these SJW comics that have little redeeming value, and no one wants to buy: they get called bigots. You get tagged as a “comics-gate supporter” and blocked. Creators will treat your negative words as a literal assault. You’ll be labeled as a rabid right-wing maniac looking to drink the blood a trans people…all because you said the comic they created was terrible.

Is this starting to look familiar? Mandatory Social Acceptance is the new way to market mediocrity.

If you hate something that the SJW society tells you to like, it’s not because the creator produced something subpar, it’s because you’re a bigot. You just have to learn that you are in the wrong. You may watch a movie or read a comic that’s written poorly and stars bland human-like characters and see a terribly made product. But…that’s just because you’re racist and sexist. Sometimes comics are good. Sometimes they are terrible. Sometimes they’re just ok. And Sometimes they’re everything at once. It all depends on who created it and what their politics are. If you don’t agree, then you must try harder. After all, it is not easy to become sane.

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