Crowder Breaks Down Actual Fake News with Fake News Journalist Jessi Cape

Steven Crowder, of Louder with Crowder fame, and now well known for his “Change My Mind” segment of his show had been inspired by left-wing political violence to create a new segment called “Crowder Confronts.”

The segment involves Crowder finding violent tweets and posts and confronting their posters about their illegal calls to violent action. The first one involved the infamous firebomb lady who tweeted her possible intent or call for anyone to firebomb Crowder’s van at an event.

Back in July, Crowder confronted another left-wing political “hero” who thought defacing a Robert E. Lee statue and threatening to slash Crowder’s tires was perfectly justified. Crowder confronted this person at his/her work. I say his/her because this particular individual was a transgendered person. So, of course, what followed was not an article telling us about what a terrible thing it was for this trans person to call for violence and commit vandalism. What followed was a hit piece against Steven Crowder. The hit piece was, of course, riddled with inaccuracies and ripe for a place in Crowder Confronts.

The article can be found here, though be aware that many changes have been made already. For example, Steven Crowder had been referred to as Alt-Right, which he is not. The “journalist” Jessi Cape of the Austin Chronicle who wrote the article defended this by saying Alt-Right was just a blanket term. That’s only one of the things Crowder confronts her over. But the most interesting development in the video was its very real and visceral breakdown of, not only #FakeNews, but the mindset of these journalists who create this #FakeNews.

Below is the segment where Crowder hammers Cape on the multitude of inaccuracies and journalistic oversights committed in the article.

(Be warned, Cape uses the popular left-wing tactic of trying to destroy your reputation in one area and then when confronted, staying calm while you are understandably angry, that way they gain sympathy/victim status despite being the wrong doer in the scenario.

She even specifically notes exactly how calm she’s being when Crowder gets a little irritated.)

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