Jawbreakers – Lost Souls Hits 10,000 Backers

Months ago, Richard Meyer, Jon Malin, and Brett Smith unleashed an independent comic that rocked the dying comics industry to its core. The start of the comic’s IndiGoGo campaign marked the beginning of #ComicsGate’s push-back against mainstream comics publishers who have gone all in on crazy far-left politics. The comics loving fan-base Marvel and DC had cultivates over the years was so desperate for comics free of heavy handed politics, endless monologues and bland characters that when Jawbreakers opened for business it surpassed its goal within hours of launch. Then came the Antarctic Press controversy.

The coven of Social Justice Marvel was so scared by this successful indie comic that centered on story rather than how evil right-wingers are that Mark Waid and his buddies lead a harassment campaign which resulted in a desperate end to the relationship between the Jawbreakers crew and Antarctic Press. Before then, it had been announced that AP would be releasing the comic in stores. You can find more on the subject here.

The debacle ended all hope of Jawbreakers reaching stores…but it gave birth to a new comics company called Splatto Comics. More importantly, the AP controversy wasn’t the end. Jawbreakers stayed open on IndieGoGo. Now it has raised nearly $400,000.

Jawbreaker’s monumental success and the ill will Marvel has earned from its former customers allowed #ComicsGate to flourish. Other creators like Timothy Lim, Ethan Van Sciver, and Chuck Dixon have also created highly successful campaigns. In four months #ComicsGate works have earned nearly $2 Million in revenue, while Marvel sales have been declining and their comics sitting unbought in the few comic stores left open.

Marvel creators like to wave #ComicsGate supporters has angry losers who don’t actually buy comics. Now, the comic that started it all, Jawbreakers – Lost Souls has passed the 10,000 backer mark.

Let’s go over that again.

With no press. No brand name. No big marketing slush fund. No industry ties. Being actively demonized and sabotaged. Enduring hit piece after hit piece. In four months, #ComicsGate has raised nearly $2 Million dollars, it’s headlining comic has reached 10,000 backers, and this comics revolution is showing no sign of slowing down.

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

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