Alterna Comics – Nothing to Lose But Your Chains

Alterna Comics is a small comics publisher, founded by Peter Simeti, that dared to reject the current industry trend of making the comics buying populace hate you. Peter Simeti had decided to utilize an ancient business model where a company tries to develop a positive relationship with customers. He even went so far as to provide behavioral guidelines for Alterna creators. No block chains and acting professional. But his plan to spread positivity and good will apparently turned Simeti into the Hitler of the comics industry. In short, SJW comic creators and their legion of sheep declared the whiniest Jihad you’ve ever seen against the publisher. They publicly shamed the company and Simeti, and they started one of those famous SJW boycotts. And this was the end of Alterna Comics….right?

Well, SJW Marvel creators spend so much time tweeting and trying to sell whatever they found in their one collective toilet that morning as the next comic, they forgot that all the Social Justice Warriors who support them don’t actually have any money. And if they did have money, they don’t spend them on comics, which is why Marvel comics is in a steady decline. They also forgot that all the “haters and Nazis” who they blocked, insulted, and shamed – and who dared to complain about them producing piles of fetid refuse instead of comics – were the same people who had jobs, loved comics, and spent money…and are statically much better looking. These are the people who funded the comics Empire. These are the people who love comics and love to support them. The real fans. (Also known as #ComicsGate)

When #ComicsGate saw that Alterna’s love for comics trumped the need to run every conservative and otherwise level-headed person out of the industry. #ComicsGate rushed in to give their full support to Alterna Comics.

So now it’s an SJW boycott of Alterna VS the totally fringe #ComicsGate movement made up of comics haters who totally don’t buy comics anyway. How do you think that story came to an end?

If you’re familiar with the adage: “Get woke, go broke.”

I think you already know the answer…


Turning away from Social Justice won’t destroy you, it’ll set you free. In the end, by rejecting Social Justice, you truly have nothing to lose but your chains. #ComicsGate

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