#ComicsGate Donates $15000 to Charity

Richard Meyer, the man behind the Diversity&Comics YouTube channel, had firmly established himself as a terrifying supervillain the moment he picked up a terrible Marvel comic and explained why it was terrible. Ever since then, Marvel creators tried to get his honorable discharge status from the military reversed, hired a private detective to dig up an ancient criminal record, and even plotted to have him legally assaulted. Why might that be? Because anti-#ComicsGate has done everything in their power to label Richard C. Meyer has sexist, racist, and every -phobic in the book.

Richard Meyer launched his vile campaign of hate by calling out Marvel creators for their subpar…everything. He showcased what terrible and despicable monsters Marvel have pumping out the monstrosities they call comics. Truly this is a man whose black heart is filled with hate. Eventually, Jim Jeffries even invited him on his show to prove once and for all what a despicable right-winger Meyer really is.

AND…of course they got nothing.

The biggest lie the Marvel crybullies peddle about #ComicsGate is its “hate campaigns.” Everywhere you turn, you find some comics star pulling their heads from their asses just long enough to mention how they’ve been “assaulted” or how they know someone who’s been “assaulted” by a #Comicsgate hate campaign. (#ComicsHate comes to mind) But anyone who looks into the issues themselves and doesn’t just hate because they’re told to hate would know that these so-called “hate campaigns” never happened.

As Diversity&Comics has shown, the only campaigns #Comicsgate funds are for cool indie comics and to help people in need.

Richard Meyer released an IndieGoGo campaign for a limited special edition of his Iron Sights comic. (It’s sold out) The goal was to reach $10,000. And #ComicsGate, the people who Marvel says don’t buy comics, pushed the campaign to $15,000. And where does all that money go?

Meyer’s campaign was created to raise money for the Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for gay and trans youth.

And I know what your next question is. Meyer’s goal was only $10,000. What happened to the other $15,000. Well, I’m glad you asked.

Of course, you won’t hear about this in the media. You probably won’t hear about this on any big sights that talk pop culture all day. You won’t hear anyone from the Marvel Mafia acknowledge it. Even if they do, they’ll twist it into some dark scheme. But I know, and you know. The people know. #ComicsGate just sent $15,000 to help save people in need – and that’s the story.

So next time someone you know denounces #ComicsGate as a mindless hate campaign filled with angry man-babies who don’t buy comics. Just remember, it’s not about being angry all the time. Being angry all the time is what SJWs do. Why? Because they have nothing to be happy about. #Comicsgate succeeds because it’s not about hatred. It’s about a love for comics…and the people who read them.

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

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