I Called It: Why Captain Marvel Being Named the First Female Superhero Movie Is An Insult

On Sept. 5 – Brie Larson decided to call upon her followers to Marvel movie fans to “break the internet.” Her big mistake was grossly overestimating the popularity of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Carol Danvers) started being pushed as the face of Marvel since the Social Justice weirdos took over. So now they have a divisive, emotionless, man-thing affectionately dubbed Carl Manvers leading the pack. But, no one likes weirdo SJW Characters except other weirdoes SJWs. So of course, no part of this movie or character carries the same weight as the Marvel bigshots like Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America – so the internet held up just fine. But that’s not even the cringy part.

SJWs tend to create artificial celebrations. Like celebrating Black Panther as the first Black Superhero movie by saying Blade is a horror movie and not a superhero movie. They claimed Wonder Woman was the first female superhero movie by forgetting about Supergirl. It’s likely because SJWs are losers who either don’t want to put in an effort to develop talents or are too entitled to earn things. (Guess that’s why they like Socialism so much.) So, they create hype for “firsts” that really aren’t firsts, just so they can hold something up as a victory or major social breakthrough.

Even taking all that into consideration, with the announcement of the Captain Marvel movie, I somehow underestimated their sheer idiocy. Knowing that they once celebrated Wonder Woman as the “first female superhero movie.” I tweeted this.

I meant it as a joke at the time. Surely, they aren’t going to claim Captain Marvel was the first female superhero movie. Then they did…

Notice how they keep adding things? Pretty soon the news media is going to be celebrating the first female superhero movie done by a cast of all women who are all missing limbs and pregnant while speaking only in Latin under a full moon. They want to celebrate progress, even if they have to make it up.

But that’s not even the worst part. It doesn’t even come close to the dangerous idiocy gleefully displayed by “woke” execs who’d rather look liberal than please the audience they’ve cultivated. I mean they’ve already pushed divisive marketing tactics for the movie. “The future is female,” etc. Brie Larson has also made tweets that lament how hard it s to be a woman – you know the drill by now. It looks like Social Justice has finally infected the Marvel Cinematic Universe completely.

Still, that’s not the worst insult they could have given the loyal Marvel fans. Why? Because they chose to hand Captain Marvel this honor of starring in the “first female lead” solo movie instead of rewarding a solo movie to Black Widow.

Black Widow has been a major player in the MCU ever since she made her first appearance in Iron Man 2 – almost a decade ago. Ever since then, she’s become a staple in the movie franchise – almost on the same level as Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Take away the Hulk, take away Vision, Hawk-Eye and Scarlett Witch. When the Avengers landed in theaters, the focus was on those four. So, after eight years of fight the villains right alongside gods and super soldiers – the honor of the “first Marvel female superhero movie” was given to…someone else.

Oh, I know they’re planning a Black Widow movie. I’m hoping it’s awesome. That’s not the point. In a society that places so much emphasis and power on “firsts,” why wouldn’t they give this “first” to the character who’s earned it?

And even from a business perspective, Black Widow is a better choice. Why? Well, remember how Marvel spent years putting movies together until we got the first Avengers? And remember how DC wet their pants at how badly they missed the boat, so they tried to play catch up by shoving like six movies into one? (Batman vs Superman) We have a similar situation here.

Black Widow has spent eight years building herself up with fans. We weren’t told how awesome or competent she is. We were shown.

But the question remains. How could Black Widow deal with events of Infinity War since she has no powers? That question is a writer’s wet dream…but only if they want to put in the effort.



https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

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