Marvel’s ICEMAN Relaunch Freezes in Sales

SJW Marvel has tried some rather shady tactics to boost their numbers with the hopes of inflating the perceived success of their “diversity” line. From launching issues with several covers and making comic shops jump through hoops to get them all to canceling their failing comics series (pretty much all the ones written by politically correct weirdoes) and relaunch the book as a new #1. With each inevitable failure great damaging, not only Marvel but the small comic book shops. Marvel is propping itself up by stepping on the little guy. And with the relaunch of Marvel’s new gay Iceman, Marvel tried something dripping of desperation. They shipped double the amount requested by shops.

We can only guess as to the real reason why Marvel decided to print and ship out double to requested amount of issues on a limited series starring a version of Iceman that has already failed. Maybe it was simply yet another illusion to help boost Marvel numbers in the eyes of the media. Or maybe they thought stacking the shelves would give potential customers the idea that Ice Man is hotly in demand.

It’s been about a week and a half since release. Let’s see how Marvel’s brilliant scheme has panned out.


As you can see, this new Iceman relaunch is suffering the same fate as pretty much every SJW Marvel comics line…eternal stagnation. Almost half a month has gone by since release, and Iceman is just sitting hopelessly on the shelf. A product with Marvel’s name stamped on it and marketing budget supporting it is just wasting away on the shelf.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t help Marvel comics sell again.

You’d think Marvel would take the hint and start listening to their paying customers instead of insulting them and trying to ruin the lives of any industry insider who might suggest insulting customers might be a bad idea. And maybe Marvel WILL learn.

But probably not…

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