Afterthought: Is Diversity Really A Strength?

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I know, this question is just dripping of wrong-think. This is 2018, we’re not supposed to ask things like this. We’re supposed to celebrate differences and be tolerant of everything. The favorite slogan of the left has become: “Diversity is our strength.” And every industry with a mainstream audience tends to agree. (Marvel, Hollywood, almost every news agency) But the emphasis they place on what kind of diversity might be the most dehumanizing thing they could ever do.

You’ll often hear the liberal brigade smugly brag about how caring they are or how tolerant they are. How they respect all living things (or some other nonsense.) However, when it comes down to how they see other people – they’re no different from the likes of the KKK or a Neo-Nazi.

When a KKK member sees a black guy, that’s all he sees – a black guy. To a Neo-Nazi, a Jewish person is no more than a Jew. And to a left-wing progressive psychopath, a white guy is just a white male. It’s all about labeling people with arbitrary characteristics like race, gender or sexual orientation. We’ve seen multiple occasions in news articles and opinion pieces that people who find themselves at the center of a story are no longer considered people by the left-wing media – instead, they’re just a stack of popular labels.

Suddenly we’ve switched from “people” doing great things to “Muslim man does something great,” or “trans woman does something great,” or “Woman does something great.” Your label has become more important than your name. It’s this line of thinking that turns diversity into a weakness.

The liberal left always preach that one should celebrate our differences. But there’s a significant level of separation between celebrating differences and emphasizing them. So, what’s my point exactly?

My point is that celebrating the diversity of arbitrary characteristics is not only meaningless but absolutely pathetic. A person is more than the color of their skin. A person is more than their sexual orientation. The person who defines their entire life by things that were determined at birth and had no control over is a truly hollow person. Having skin isn’t an accomplishment, and its color tells me nothing about you. Black, white, gay, straight, man, woman. These are descriptors. Just labels. One shouldn’t spend their life obsessing over superficial labels. One should spend their life obsessing over true achievement. Something they created themselves: a successful business, a happy marriage, or even just finishing high school. Because the mindset that emphasizes labels over a person’s characteristics is the mindset of a bigot.

Liberals in America call for more racial and sexual diversity everywhere they go because they say these things – this type of diversity – is what made the country so great. That’s what they mean by “diversity is our strength.” And it’s true. Diversity is what made America the powerful country it is today. Diversity is the American strength. But, what truly made America great was not slapping a bunch of races together. The type of diversity that did the trick was the only type of diversity that matters: Diversity of thought.

The left-wing has been celebrating every diversity while hammering out diversity of thought.

Let’s not forget that “diversity” is dangerously close to “divide.” When we stop tolerating differences, when we stop celebrating difference and start emphasizing them we stop uniting people – we begin to categorize people in sort of open “social segregation.” So, for example, instead of thinking of ourselves as Americans we begin thinking of ourselves as separate from those who are different from us. Again, the mindset of a bigot.

When representation is relegated down to race, gender, or sexuality – you get shallow and empty people. You get caricatures instead of characters. It’s the representation of ideas that give meaning and depth to the shells fictional characters start out as. Ask them a question, and you can guess how they will respond. But if they’re only representing a race or a gender – what does that tell you?

Absolutely nothing…

And I think there’s something important to be learned with that reality.

So yes, diversity can absolutely be a strength, but as we’ve seen, it can also be a dangerous weakness.

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