Restaurant Showdown -Ted Cruz Vs SJWs

By now, most people are likely aware that Senator Ted Cruz and his wife were chased out of a restaurant by a gaggle of lefty lunatics. The act was apparently some kind of big victory for the left, not surprising since the real crazy’s tend to be spoiled losers, and supported by a Twitter account called Smash Racism DC.

And of course, as per the standard policy of left-wing lunatics, it’s fine to victim blame if the victim is Republican. And as per usual, when the liberal left brings out their favorite tool – political violence – it’s the conservative victim of the violence that they try to blame. The old “it’s your fault I have to ruin your life” mentality. Like how the left called for Trump to be investigated over a Democrat funded dossier – and then blame him for being investigated. To make this feel closer to home, just imagine if someone stole something from your boss’ office and so he had the police search for everyone only to have him find what he lost in his pocket. Now imagine that you’re asking the same boss for a raise and he denies you because he had to have you searched by the police that one time.

Pure and utter nonsense.

Something similar happened to Cruz. He and his wife get thrown out of a restaurant by a bunch of vile left-wing “activists” and the Twitter blue check marks got to work saying O’Rourke never got kicked out of a restaurant as if trying to paint Cruz as the one in the wrong.

Now to anyone who doesn’t suffer from Social Justice as a mental handicap would look the situation, take a comment like that and think: “Yeah, Ted Cruz gets harassed by left-wing nutjobs and O’Rourke is just fine. I guess Republicans and right-wingers really are more tolerant.”

So, to most normal people, this little stunt likely backfired as a “look how evil Ted Cruz is” tactic. But, don’t worry, it gets better.

Remember how the left treated a husband and his wife getting harassed out of a restaurant as some kind of big victory. Well, I guess this bunch of losers could be forgiven for not knowing what a victory actually looks like.

First of all, the restaurant took care of Ted Cruz and his wife. They were escorted to a private area until the harassers were taken away. Then Cruz returned to the restaurant, thanked the staff, and continued their meal. So in the end, the loser brigade accomplished absolutely nothing.

And you know you’ve really failed as an SJW when even CNN is reporting how epic you actually failed. This has been yet another instance of the progressive left acting like escaped mental patients and trying to paint right-wing conservatives as the bad guys.

You want more Trump? Because this is how you got Trump.

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