Chuck Dixon Perfectly Describes #ComicsGate

Anyone even remotely interested in the realm of comics has likely heard the term #ComicsGate. And when the term crops up you’ll likely hear a barrage of rumors and accusations.

You’ll hear that #ComicsGate is a racist movement and that it’s a group of angry fanboys who are furious with the inclusion of female writers and characters. You’ll hear that #ComicsGate is made up of people filled with hateful people who don’t actually by comics and, in fact, hate comics. But like most things spouted by the progressive left these days, this is a complete lie.

#Comicsgate is really a movement where conservative comics pros like Ethan Van Sciver and Chuck Dixon moved to once the industry pushed them out. Liberal gatekeeping is gradually purging its ranks of anyone who won’t fall in line with their political agenda. In an interview with the fabulous Milo Yiannopoulos, Dixon described that he was not only pushed out, but DC also tried to purge everything that linked their continuity back to Dixon. (killing of characters, etc.) #ComicsGate is where all the true comics fans went once the industry wanted to push politics over thrilling adventures.

Recently, Chuck Dixon got a chance to speak candidly about #ComicsGate, and what he says is full of raw truth that no one still in the industry wants to acknowledge.

“Comicsgate seems to be an umbrella phrase or word for everything about conservative comic creators that the left hates. They use it as a pejorative. It’s supposed to be an insult. Really, being anti-comicsgate, is simply being anti-free speech. People of different political beliefs have a right to believe what they believe.” – Chuck Dixon

But he wasn’t done. Dixon follows that up by stating what should become the standard creed of every writer and artist out there who cares more about their work than some petty ideology.

“I guess because of the reaction to Comicsgate, we are put in the position of being anti-authoritarian, which is fine with me because I am anti-authoritarian anyway. I’ve never liked anyone telling me what to do creatively especially on creator owned projects. It’s my work. I’m going to do whatever I want. And I apologize to no one. These false associations they make with white supremacy, bigotry and homophobia. These are all just catch phrases they use to silence anybody who doesn’t agree with them. What’s silly is, it’s not about not agreeing with them. It’s about doing our own work. Is it a reaction to the market and what’s going on? Yes, it is. We aren’t out to censor or ban anyone we are just offering an alternative.”

This is the spirit that rocketed so many rebels, inventors, painters, and writers to the heights of popularity. They move against the grain. They spit in the face of the status quo. They create what they want to create and apologize to no one. And at the end of the day, that’s what #ComicGate is – freedom. Creative freedom, and the freedom to create.

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