#ComicsGate Fights Back (Meyer VS Waid)

Ok, let’s recap. A few months back Richard C. Meyer A.K.A. Diversity&Comics sparked the #ComicsGate revolution when he announced the IndieGoGo campaign for Jawbreakers – Lost Souls. Suddenly the people who opposed Marvel were making their own comics. And since Marvel was staffed with a bunch of inexperienced hacks whose biggest obstacle in life has been getting labeled with the wrong pronoun – it’s no secret that these Marvel comic pros were shaking in their boots. So, when Jawbreakers broke $300k, they were on the brink of a nervous breakdown – and breakdown they did.

But the biggest SJW Marvel freak out came when they learned that Meyer intended to put his comic on the shelves. Meyer is a big supporter of local comic book shops and a supporter of physical comics. So, to help bring this idea to life, Meyer made a deal with Antarctic Press – a small publisher who has experience dabbling in controversial books. AP is the company that works with Timothy Lim, the creator of Donald Thump, My Hero MAGAdemia, and Trump Space Force. Unfortunately, AP wasn’t prepared for the brutal hate campaign that Anti-#ComicsGate has become famous for.

Pros and SJW zombies alike spent days harassing Antarctic Press and pumping out smear campaign after smear campaign against Richard Meyer. Some local comic shops, apparently feeling some version of Stockholm syndrome, sided with Marvel and refused to order any copies of Meyers book. But the real story develops when Mark Waid, a man who has a history of psychopathic/disturbingly obsessive behavior, entered the fray.

After learning that Antarctic Press had made a deal to publish Jawbreakers, Mark Waid called the company. Then, soon after, Antarctic Press announced that it would no longer be publishing Jawbreakers. According to the owner of AP, Mark Waid had applied so much pressure into dropping the book that he had no choice but to comply. The Anti-#ComicsGate harassment campaign bleed into his other job – as a doctor. This is where Waid gets himself in trouble.

“I have a call in to Antarctic Press. Until I hear back, I’m (hesitantly) willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t really understand who or what they’re getting into business with, which – though it would seem a stretch – is a possibility. If I do hear back, I’ll report in.” – Mark Waid (informing his followers that he intended to smear Meyer so they’d drop the book)

Since Waid works in the comics industry, Meyer would be labeled as a competitor. Since Waid used his connections to bully AP into dropping Jawbreakers, Waid may have committed something called tortious interference. This was open sabotage. This was also illegal, and Waid knew it.

Soon following the announcement, Waid went into damage control mode. And being a person used to dishing out bullying and intimidation, he knew just what to do. Waid nuked all his social media. He then bribed an employee at Antarctic Press with special favors if he tweeted out a statement that cleared Waid of any wrongdoing. However, the game was over yet.

Meyer kept in contact with the owner of Antarctic Press who was telling him the real story. Yes, Waid was involved. Yes, Waid did harass them into dropping Jawbreakers. And no, he did not order the statement that claimed Waid had nothing to do with it. According to the owner – the employee who issued the statement had gone rogue and released it without consulting anyone.

Meyer filed a lawsuit against Waid soon after Jawbreakers was dropped. Waid probably forgot about it. He probably thought Meyer would never go through with the ordeal. The SJWs are so used to going unchallenged and getting their way that he probably never gave it a second thought.

Meyer intends to sue for actual damages (about $75,000). This is a big deal. These SJWs have launched smear jobs, hate campaigns, and downright illegal activities to silence their opponents. And they’ve continued to do this with virtually no consequences. Let’s be honest, the only kind of resistance they’ve gotten is someone making a YouTube video or leaving a negative social media comment – both of which they just ignore or block. If Meyer really does take this suit all the way and wins – he would have once again pioneered a revolution. The first revolution fired up a wave of indie comics creators. This second one will inspire the many people who’ve suffered defamation, insults, and smear campaigns to take legal action – to finally fight back.

However, Mark Waid is such a human scum bucket that he and his lawyer are probably used to dealing with these types of cases. On the other hand, no other case has had this level of attention. It’s almost as if the entire comics industry is holding its breath.

What will happen? Who will come out the victor?

Only time will tell…




For more information check out BoundinginComics

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

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