Rekieta Law: “(Mark Waid) Should Be Concerned”

Here we go, folks!

Despite what comics pros might tell you, when they’re not busy stealing money from their Kickstarter donors, Mark Waid is in some serious trouble.

For those of you not in the know – some months back Richard Meyer made a deal with Antarctic Press to put physical copies of his Jawbreakers: Lost Souls on shelves. After learning about this deal, Mark Waid made a call to the small company to “warn them about Meyer.” which is code for telling them Meyer is a bigot and a racist. (defamatory statements since Meyer is none of those things.)

Soon after Mark Waid made the call. Antarctic Press abruptly dropped Jawbreakers from its roster. Since Waid knowingly, in this case, interfered with Meyer’s business deal by likely issuing defamatory statements – Waid very likely committed tortious interference which is a Federal Crime.

Unfortunately, we know the old story. SJWs are used to launching life-ruining hate campaigns against people they don’t like with very little consequence (if any at all.) But Meyer decided to change that story. He decided to fight back – really fight back – and with more than a few adversarial tweets or a critical video.

He decided to sue Mark Waid for damages of up to $75,000.

And here is the video where an ACTUAL lawyer, not one of the comics pros who read a Wikipedia article on the law once and think cases are decided by finding out which side hurt the most feelings, describes in beautiful detail all the ways Mark Waid is screwed.

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