House of Sonata Episode II: The Valkyrie

This episode has a vampire ninja in it – what more do you need?

Killing one of the most powerful vampires in the United States doesn’t come without dire consequences. The great vampire families are shaken by a group of unknown vampire hunters. In response, they have unleashed the most powerful force at their disposal: the infamous Blood Guard.

With Jaren – the chosen hero – recovering from his devastating battle with Lord Master Damion Sonata, the talented vampire hunter will be an easy target for the most dangerous warriors in the vampire world. And to make matters worse, Jaren and his allies have no idea they’re being targeted.

The only hope for his survival rests in the hands of the Valkyrie – a talented vampire hunter in her own right. She is the only one who can warn the hero and his allies in time to prepare a defense. But there’s one problem…the Blood Guard have found her too.

The Valkyrie knows that if she loses, her friends will die.

House of Sonata Episode II: The Valkyrie is now available on print and kindle – now also available with a variant cover.

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