Milo vs Pope Francis

After the colossal success that was his previous book titled Dangerous (the first book published by Dangerous Books) – Milo Yiannopoulos is back and he has a new book: Diabolical.

“In Diabolical, Milo Yiannopoulos levels his critical eye and legendarily caustic wit at the Catholic Church, which, under the leadership of Left-wing gay bishops, has become shambolic and depraved.”


Milo is an admitted cultural catholic – which means he is like most religious people who live in the United States, in that he believes in God, but isn’t really the strictest person out there. Basically, he’s Catholic on Easter and Christmas – any other time it doesn’t matter. (Essentially the opposite of Dr. House.)

Still, if one had followed this fabulous internet supervillain, you know that his faith is at least strong enough to cause some confusion when you hear his latest book focuses on criticizing the Catholic church. But when it says that it’s not so much the church that has come under fire from Milo’s razor-sharp wit, but the latest man who’s been chosen to fill the shoes of St. Peter.

Pope Francis has become quite popular since he gained the title of supreme pontiff. But it’s not due to his great works or his wisdom. It’s because he has completely surrendered to the self-destructive ideology of left-wing ideologues. He repeats every single point spewed at us by mainstream comedians, left-wing politicians, and late-night talk show hosts:

  • He’s, of course, Anti-Trump
  • He criticizes the wall, despite being surrounded by one
  • He supports mass migration and taking in unlimited amounts of refugees
  • He’s a globalist
  • He called capitalism a sin

You get the idea…

You’d think this Pope would be a disaster for conservative parties the world over since religion and conservativism tend to go together. But Pope Francis’s popularity is due to the love he gets from the left-wing – people who hate the Catholic religion. And it seems the Pope trying to sacrifice the people he’s supposed to protect in order to appeal to his enemies. The M.O. of modern Democrats and other left-leaning people.

The role of the Pope, however, is not as influential as it used to be. He’s become akin to the British royal family – more of a figurehead than an actual leader. Still, that doesn’t mean he’s powerless. In this book, Milo goes into detail at how far this new Marxist, liberal ideology has damaged the state of the Catholic Church.

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