Milo Yiannopoulos’ Halloween Speech Gets Banned – Does It Anyway

Anyone who’s been following Milo Yiannopoulos recently will know that he’s been juggling a lot of balls. (Pun intended) He’s running his own media company (, he’s running his own publishing company (Dangerous Books) – he’s still writing books and putting together speaking tours. Although he’s kind of faded from the light when compared to how big he was during his Dangerous Faggot Tour – he obviously hasn’t been idle. While the Social Terrorist hate machine has taken its eyes off this beautiful Brit – he’s been building an Empire.

But of course, the Social Justice mob of failures with their flaccid vestigial manhoods are still up to their same tricks of censorship and intimidation. Fortunately for us, Milo is still up to his.

Milo was set to give a speech at NYU until Mayor Bill De Blasio, resident poster-boy of men with flaccid vestigial manhoods in the New York City area, pressured NYU into dropping Yiannopoulos from the speaker’s list. That’s right. De Blasio, the guy who runs New York City, took time out of his very busy day to silence a homosexual migrant.

But Milo is no stranger to being censured by the quivering leftist hate mob. In true form, Milo took his speech and went to the fetid swamp of his birth – the internet.

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