Conan the Barbarian Makes A Return – But There’s One Major Problem

Conan the Barbarian is awesome. He’s one of my favorite characters from the pulp fiction era. He fights monsters, he conquers enemies, he gets with naked princesses, and he obviously lifts. Conan is the icon for unapologetic masculinity cranked up to eleven – so seeing Conan step back into the light in the world of comics should be exciting. However…there’s just one problem: his comic is being produced by Marvel.

The first pictures look pretty promising with our boy fighting these Social Terrorist imposters that have replaced the heroes we used to know. In a just world, and in a world where Marvel writers actually know how to write a story, this would be a thrilling tale of the unstoppable Conan single-handedly saving the comics world from Social Justice.

Conan: Just tell a damn story!

Get’em Conan! No mercy!

SJW heroes always whine about doing their best. Conan goes home and fucks all the women they wanted to get with. That’s pretty much how the story would go. But let’s face it…none of the writers at Marvel know what masculinity is, so they hate it.

Judging by these pictures of Conan fighting Marvel heroes, it hints that Marvel might make Conan a villain who gradually learns to kill his masculinity to become more sensitive and liberal.


They might just have him beat up all the men, and have a female superhero beat him up while calling him some version of a misogynist pig. So they’ll gradually widdle away at his unyielding and powerful nature.

Modern Marvel has gone full Social Terrorist. They can’t stand strong men, and they especially can’t stand confident men who refuse to check their privilege. With Marvel, a man is only as strong as the weakest woman in the room. The smartest man is only as smart as the dumbest woman in the room. And any female character can defeat the strongest man in the room with a single word (followed by a few finger snaps).

Things don’t look good for the great Conan. Conan, who fought Elder Gods and the Colors Out of Space. Who climbed an ancient tower and freed a trapped deity from his binds. Who took a kingdom by strangling a mad king with his bare hands on the king’s own city steps. Conan who bested every man and woman who has ever crossed him. Do you really think Marvel writers, with their anti-male mindset, will treat Conan with the care he deserves?

My guess…probably not.

2 thoughts on “Conan the Barbarian Makes A Return – But There’s One Major Problem

  1. Marvel writers are not anti-male you rightwing nutjob. None of what you have said is accurate to what is going on in reality. Social justice is a good thing.


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