Don’t Be Fooled: Midterm Results Marked A Staggering Republican Victory

The media told us that Hillary Clinton had already been ordained as President of the United States in the 2016 election. It was “guaranteed.” 2016 promised to be the year Democrats walked into the White House and started selling off the juiciest pieces to the highest bidder. Instead, Republicans took full control – and the Democrats have been on a warpath ever since, crying like the spoiled rich kid who didn’t get the toy he wanted.

Back in 2010, President Obama lost both the House and Senate to ring in a Republican majority. But this is normal. Usually, after a new President is elected, the opposition tends to rally in the midterms to take back control. So, once again, the media promised us that the Democrats are going to take the government by storm. They promised that the Democrats were NOT ONLY GOING TO WIN, but that they would sweep the House and Senate. And why wouldn’t they expect that outcome?

  • Historical trends support this normal changing of the guard
  • Democrats have spun one wild conspiracy theory after another to demonize Trump
  • The media coverage has acted with a level of hostility we haven’t seen since President Carter’s time
  • All your favorite actors hated Trump
  • All your favorite sports teams hated Trump
  • All your favorite companies hated Trump
  • Democrats tried to make Republican just another word for Nazi
  • All your favorite radio stations hated Trump

For two years this has gone on with Democrats acting like rabid animals. Given all of that, most people were likely expecting a full blown Blue Wave takeover of the House and Senate – just like what happened with Republicans under Obama. And it was very likely that would happen. Once again, the Democrats were practically ordained as the winners. The media told us that America was turning blue during the midterms. It didn’t happen.

The mighty Blue Wave predicted to us by the liberal gurus arrived as more of a trickle. And this is a dark omen for Democrats.

Here’s Why:

By every right, Democrats should have taken over the House and Senate. Even without everything else, that’s how the tide usually turns. But not this time. Republicans not only kept hold of the Senate but actually tightened their control with a +3 seat victory. Democrats took the House with a slim majority. In other words, they don’t have the numbers to counter Presidential vetos or executive orders.

Even worse, several Republicans who were anti-Trump and/or who voted against Brett Kavanaugh were ousted – sending a clear message to Republican candidates that they need to either back Trump or lose they’re done. The Republican party is now more united than ever.

President Obama, Taylor Swift, and even Oprah Winfrey all personally went to bat for Democrat superstars. The great Messiahs who were supposed to lead America into a beautiful future filled with skyrocketing crime rates, no borders, higher taxes, and more government control over your lives. Joe Donnelly, Andrew Gillum, Bill Nelson, Stacey Abrams, and Beto O’rourke were all chosen to be the next generation of leaders for the Democratic party. Let’s see how they did…

Joe Donnelly: Lost

Andrew Gillum: Lost

Bill Nelson: Lost

Stacey Abrams: Lost

Beto O’rourke: Won…oh wait no he Lost

The 2018 Midterms should have been a sweeping victory for Democrats, but once again they were denied their candy. Now Democrats are talking about getting “moral victories” – passing out participation trophies and crying hugs to all their fellow losers.

The Democrats are presenting the Midterm elections as a total victory and a total defeat for Trump. But gaining a wafer-thin majority in the House is not what I picture when I imagine a Blue Wave. Republicans should have lost last night – they didn’t. Now they’ve ended with a more united Republican party and a nearly impotent new scapegoat to blame things on.

Oh…and you know what you need to successfully remove a President through impeachment?

The Senate…

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