New PC Doctor Who Tanks in Ratings – Who Could’ve Guessed?

To quote one angry, former, Doctor Who fan:

“I don’t watch this type of TV show to get subliminal PC lectures, it’s supposed to be entertainment.”

To new Doctor Who fans who came aboard during Davies run and continued on into the era of Moffat, you may have noticed a gradual shift in tone. David Tenant’s run as the Doctor was an epic space adventure. Matt Smith’s run had more of a fairytale vibe…until it started turning every episode into epic over-the-top proposals for rejected film ideas. Pere Capaldi’s run is where the positive momentum for Dr. Who really started to slow down.

No, it wasn’t Capaldi’s fault. His acting was excellent. He played a great Doctor. Unfortunately, he was saddled with rather subpar storylines. But it also didn’t help that his run was being infected with political correctness.

You had race sensitivity. You had an entire plotline revolving around his companion, Bill, being lesbian. (a fact the writers deemed worthy to remind us of every 30 seconds.) The First Doctor is given rather un-PC opinions on women JUST so the 12th Doctor could come in and show how much more tolerant he is. Every character role traditionally held by men were turned over to women. Generals, army officers, common soldiers, the Master (now called Missy), and eventually the Doctor.

Heck, even the Doctor Who: Missy Chronicles spin-off book was riddled with “women empowerment” and “men are all nasty pigs” in place of an actual story. The first story is just a feminist fantasy showing a woman getting oppressed and then going out and easily getting savage revenge. (I guess the writers forgot what tension is.)

Once Jodie Whittaker took over as the 13th Doctor, apparently, someone took a look at the show’s slumping ratings and thought: I know, let’s crank up the political correctness up to eleven. That’s what people want to see.

Obviously, instead of pumping up ratings, the new full-blown push towards political correctness popped the last balloon that was keeping the show afloat and ratings stopped slumping and started plummeting.

They lost nearly 2 Million viewers practically overnight.

For some reason, none of these liberal elite types can fathom that political correctness is pure cringe and robotic. That’s why it’s a tool used by politicians and public relations people. I guess feeding their minds all these socialist thoughts is causing their brains to starve. No one tunes in to a show promising entertainment for a preachy lecture. (unless it’s Star Trek…maybe)

So now we’ve gone from fighting creepy children in gas masks, to fighting stone angels that can send you back in time, to covering male pregnancy and finger wagging at imperialism.

You’d think plummeting ratings would teach the writers that political correctness is poison, even to a show like Dr. Who. I am convinced, however, that the writers will double down and blame their failing show on toxic masculinity and angry white men until its cancelation.

Remember – Social Justice kills, kids.

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