#ComicsGate Lawsuit: As Mark Waid Spins Lies – Richard Meyer Passes $100,000

The powerful, creepy, comics superstar Mark Waid is being sued by longtime comic book fan Richard Meyer (Diversity&Comics) over an incident that happened with Antarctic Press. Meyer had entered an agreement with small publisher Antarctic Press to produce physical copies of his book Jawbreakers: Lost Souls. Mark Waid, who’s made Meyer his LATEST target for a vicious vendetta, attempted to persuade Antarctic Press to cancel the agreement because of Meyer’s reputation of being a harasser, and a racist, and blah blah blah (You’re probably familiar with the usual string of lies by now.) Shortly after Waid told us his intentions, AP confirmed that his call got through and soon after the company announced it was dropping the book. This is what we call: tortious interference.

Of course, media outlets everywhere have instantly taken Waid’s side. His fellow comic pros support him all the way – and they’re all willing to blindly follow a man with a history of disturbingly obsessive and vindictive behavior just because he says the right things.

Recently, the Nerdist – and judging by that name you can already tell this site is run by weak-willed doormats who fit into that Big Bang Theory “geek is cool” trend – did an interview with Waid where they asked him about the lawsuit. And of course, Waid looked right at their massive audience of 300 viewers and spouted lie after lie.

Waid was painted as the victim in all this. He prevented someone from making thousands to tens of thousands of dollars because the little voice in his head told him to…and now he’s the victim. Waid described himself as a crusader. A literal white knight who is getting hit hard by the evil #ComicsGaters because he dared to stand up for minorities and women.

Well, this was such obvious nonsense that the negative backlash was huge. So huge that the Nerdist closed their comments section – thus confirming that the site is run by weak-willed passive aggressive doormats.

Waid also started a fund to raise money for legal expenses, since hiring a super lawyer who loses arguments to guys making comics in their basements all day can’t be cheap. In response, the face of #ComicsGate Ethan “Uncle Ethan” Van Sciver decided to start a legal fund for Richard Meyer. Of course, Meyer’s fund quickly outpaced Waid’s fund. And today, I’m happy to announce, that Meyer’s fund has not only met its goal but has grown to nearly $110,000.

I think this is a pretty good indicator of which side the comics community is on. Mark Waid, a long time industry vet with tons of connections and support from almost every major pop culture site out there was quickly overmatched by a guy ousted from the industry for his conservative politics and a guy who makes comic reviews in his car.

And as the court date gets closer, it’s starting to look better and better for Meyer’s battle with this deranged goliath.

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

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