Is #ComicsGate Dead?

On Nov 10 of 2018, the face of #ComicsGate and former creator at DC Comics, Ethan Van Sciver announced that he is leaving the movement. (A.K.A. ComicsArtistPro Secrets on Twitter and YouTube)

The mainstream media and the sheep that blindly follow them have defined the term #ComicsGate as a group of haters who criticize and harass all women, minorities and transgendered people in comics. But I’m pretty sure we all recognize the favored tactics of the psychotic left-wing social terrorists. We know they like to misdirect from real issues and make the topic about race and gender to label them as some flavor of bigot. They can’t defend their insanity – so they need to manufacture a false moral high ground. And anyone who has actually followed the actions of the people leading #ComicsGate, know this isn’t true at all. But why does it seem that way?

Over the past few years, Marvel Comics started to hire new artists and writers to start shaking things up with a new diversity line. This is where trash “characters” like RiRi Williams, female Thor, America Chaves, and Squirrel Girl come from. But the real problem concerns why these characters are trash.

Marvel wanted to hire minority, trans, and female writers/artists – the problem is that the people they hired are all terrible. Or, at the very least, everyone they hired was amateur level at best. These people weren’t ready to be professionally produced. It quickly became clear, judging by their works, that Marvel was never looking for talent – they were looking for activists they could parade around as talent. (Despite them having none)

So, as a result, Marvel comics became left-wing political lectures thinly disguised as comic books. And all your favorite characters were banished and replaced by SJW versions. That meant no personality – and everyone was angry at the white man. And to make matters worse, they were written terribly. Read one. It’s like they were written by some strange aliens and not by people who’ve really interacted with other people.

#ComicsGate was a movement coined by left-wing radicals and eventually championed by people who loved comics – and who wanted to keep them as fun/escapist fiction. Diversity&Comics (Richard Meyer) really helped spark up the movement when he started criticizing these terrible works.

Ethan Van Sciver eventually asserted himself as the face of #ComicsGate by supporting independent creators. The movement was a success. It was such a big success, in fact, that most of the projects he supported managed to reach the six-figure range – creating the phrase “Six-figures young lady.”

Van Sciver, recently stepped back from his role as the face of #ComicsGate to concentrate on his new company ALL CAPS comics. He also stated that being the face wasn’t for him anymore. He wanted to promote new comics and fight back against the flood of crap coming from Marvel – not having to answer for every incident or statement said.

The real big division sparked when a controversy emerged concerning writer Vox Day and Jon Del Arroz. Van Sciver, along with several other prominent pro-#ComicsGate YouTubers opposed Vox Day labeling himself as part of #ComicsGate due to his history of bigotry. Jon Del Arroz defended Vox Day’s involvement, arguing that the focus should be on one’s quality of work over one’s political beliefs. This schism may not have directly resulted in Van Sciver’s decision to leave – but it shattered the united front that #ComicsGate and its supporters shared.

Ethan Van Sciver also stated that he came to the decision to leave the movement after a debate he had with pro-#ComicsGate YouTubers on the Rekieta Law channel.

So, is #ComicsGate dead? It’s not looking too good for the movement. The label gave people reason to get involved and the confidence that their money was going towards new, original, and politics-free works. They say using #ComicsGate has become counterproductive. I say, they should have thought of that before using it. It’s become too big. It’s become a label on its own like Marvel or DC. It’s instilled trust in the consumer. But is it dead? Only the future can tell…

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