Calm Down: #ComicsGate Phase 2?

Ethan Van Sciver, up until recently the face of the #ComicsGate movement, announced that he is no longer part of #Comicsgate. In a YouTube video, he stated that he’s backing away as the face for several reasons – the most pressing being that he no longer feels up to handling the constant need to upkeep #ComicsGate’s reputation from the left-wing Social-Terrorists trying to weigh it down. Ethan’s departure was a terrible blow to a movement that supports the rise of independently created comics and their creators. But that’s when Van Sciver gave us this message.

Phase 2? What might Van Sciver mean by #ComicsGate Phase 2?

Well, first of all, Van Sciver gave us a more philosophical reason for his distancing from #ComicsGate:

#ComicsGate is supposed to be a new Golden Age. An age where the creators and consumers are more in touch with one another. And, in today’s markets dominated by smug left-wing elitists, this strategy has become a rather novel business plan. Creators and consumers work hand in hand, with one side giving the proper respect to the other – an unthinkable arrangement for the mind of an SJW. After all, in the damaged and barely functioning brain of a Marxist you’re supposed to demonize all the bourgeois and accept only the proletariat. That’s why a group of people making indie comics in their basements have been able to compete with Marvel in generated revenue. So…even in the comics world capitalism outpaces the Marxist ideology by miles.

But that brings us back to the big question. What did Van Sciver mean by Phase 2? I think Van Sciver tossed us a big hint when he sent out this tweet:

Phase 1 of #ComicsGate was to prove that the rhetoric of its supporters was true. That the politically charged garbage coming out of mainstream companies like Marvel and DC were turning away customers in droves – and that it wasn’t just a growing nebulous disinterest in comics. That political correctness was the disease slowly killing off comics.

#ComicsGate Phase 1 succeeded in a huge way. It terrified the left-wing sociopaths who now work at Marvel because this was such a staggering dose of reality that they couldn’t hide to their safe spaces. The power of #ComicsGate was everywhere, and it became clear that this was the home of true lovers of comics. Phase 2 might prove to be an even bigger blow.

Before, #ComicsGate was kind of a loose umbrella label that different creators could build on. But, at the end of the day, it was like a ragtag militia – Phase 2 will be what turns #ComicsGate creators into a well oiled professional army.

Van Sciver and other notable #ComicsGate big-wig Diversity&Comics (Richard Meyer) have both opened their own publishing companies. Richard Meyer has opened Splatto Comics and Van Sciver has created ALL CAPS comics.

Until now, #ComicsGate has been financed through crowdfunding. I believe Phase 2 will be to, more or less, consolidate new #ComicGate comics under official labels. In other words, #ComicsGate might be on a bullet train to the mainstream, with a brand new label free of the controversy weighing down the #ComicsGate name.

Though, I think it’d be a much better idea to unite under one publishing house than split it up between several – either way SJW Marvel is in for a huge wake-up call. If they thought the colossal success of #ComicsGate given by its relative niche audiences was worth going crazy over – just wait until the movement takes a step onto the mainstream stage.

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