I Tried Watching NETFLIX’s Sabrina Series – This Is How Long I Lasted

The first episode of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina started off with a lot of promise. There was a fitting introduction to the character, showing them all in a scary movie and Sabrina being the only one who isn’t scared – conveying to the audience that she isn’t ordinary. We’re immediately thrown into the overarching issue of Sabrina’s upcoming ceremony that will make her a full-fledged witch. There’s also hints of a witch Academy and we’re even introduced to a trio of Alpha bitch’s who immediately designate themselves as Sabrina’s rivals. There’s talk of Sabrina summoning her own familiar – which great because I like that they’re adding in more, dark witch-related stuff in a show about a teenage witch. So with all that great stuff in mind, how long did I last…about 20 minutes.

By the 20 minute mark, I was fully reminded that feminists and other Social Terrorist weirdos have adopted witchcraft as an empowerment tool. (Proving these left-wing psychos are actually as cartoonishly evil as they appear to be.) The first red flag popped up when Sabrina’s boyfriend was terrified by the scary movie in the beginning and she wasn’t. I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was just me being hypersensitive to modern media’s constant war on masculinity.

The second red flag came up when we were introduced to one of Sabrina’s friends who was this boyish trans girl or something – who not only looked the part but immediately went into a discussion on how the horror movie they just saw was some kind of allegory for the plight of trans or gay people. But I just rolled my eyes at that and moved on. After all, a lot of shows are stuffing these kinds of characters because they think it’s what the big audiences want when in reality we just have to cringe our way through.

From there, things start to get really interesting as we’re introduced to Sabrina’s other life. And overall, although he seems like he drinks soy like frat boys drink cheap beer, I’m glad Sabrina ended up with a boyfriend. I’m glad that she didn’t end up being another character made “more modern” by suddenly switching race, gender, or sexuality.

By this point, I think the episode is going great. There’s a whole world to explore and rivals to overcome. Then, suddenly, the whole show makes a course correction into political correctness. I mean, it’s like a feminist’s wet dream of oppression.

Sabrina is told that her trans friend was picked on by members of the football team. They lifted up her shirt to see if she was really a girl. Sabrina goes right to the principal who is a straight white man, and who of course treats the matter with as much enthusiasm as a grocery shopper standing at the check out counter and watching the bill go up. Sabrina even uses an exact line from the SJW handbook. She says her friend has to live in fear every day of her life because she’s different.

That’s when I immediately thought: Uh-oh

Soon after, Sabrina is on a mission to create a club where girls can come together and get political to champion rights they already had – another play taken right from the Social Terrorist handbook. I watched right up until they utter the phrase: topple the white cis patriarchy – then I switched it off.

Somehow, this series about witches, magic and secret societies set in the real world became a soapbox for cat-lady politics.

So, that’s my experience.

Though, Sabrina’s sudden launch into “getting political” is actually sparked by a mysterious malevolent force that kills a woman and becomes your typical evil feminist poisoning the minds of young women with hatred of men. Sabrina being pushed into left-wing nonsense by a dark force meant to represent third-wave feminism? Maybe I stopped too soon. Maybe it was all a set up to poke fun at the craziness – and the show returns to a state of logic soon after. Then again, the show did get in trouble for having an underage orgy so maybe it is a full-blown tribute to the “progressive left.”

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

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