Bill Maher Unites Comic Fans By Insulting Stan Lee – But Did He Really?

In such a divisive world, it’s nice when we see people unite over a shared hatred of something, or in this case, someone. Bill Maher has gone from being a left-wing darling to a universally hated man. Why? Because he’s too much on the crazy liberal side for right-wingers and not quite tyrannical enough for the modern left-wing. I mean, he got along well with Milo Yiannopoulos, defended Alex Jones, and championed free speech for conservatives. Recently, he decided to dive into the passing of comics legend Stan Lee – and promptly got himself into trouble.

Stan Lee is a very delicate subject at the moment since while the world mourns the man who has done everything in his power to earn the title “Father of Superhero Comics.” – the left-wing psychopaths took the moment to drag the man’s name through the mud with the usual accusations of racism and bigotry. Leave it to the Social Terrorist, Hillary Supporting left-wing gutter-trash to immediately begin dancing on his grave.

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Why don’t we buy SJW comics again?

But as much as I enjoy tearing into left-wing idiots who think they’re the enlightened prophets of right and wrong – I don’t think this is what Maher did. Here’s the main quote that tossed the man into hot water:

I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to suggest that Donald Trump could only get elected in a country that thinks comic books are important. – Bill Maher

Out of context, it seems like he’s taking a full swing a comics – and Stan Lee’s legacy. But with full context, it seems more like your standard forced jab at President Trump that all comedians make ever since they all adopted the same exact sense of humor and all their punchlines became predictable. (Orange man bad!)

The quote actually came from his blog in a post titled “Adulting.” The short post is actually a social commentary about how modern Americans are refusing to grow up. How they’re trying to keep hold of childhood by making childish things more relevant. To quote:

But then twenty years or so ago, something happened – adults decided they didn’t have to give up kid stuff. And so they pretended comic books were actually sophisticated literature…some dumb people got to be professors by writing theses with titles like Otherness and Heterodoxy in the Silver Surfer. – Bill Maher

If you read the whole post, Maher admits that he loves comics – that he even still reads them today. He mentions how sad it is that Lee is dead. Maher’s point is that Lee’s passing shouldn’t be such a heavy one since he wasn’t a great professor or scientist. That’s what lead Maher into his commentary which essentially says that society needs to grow up and to stop putting some much importance in fictional worlds and characters. They’re there for an escape – not to build a life around.

While I can agree that we are starting to put too much value in fictional things rather than the substance behind them – I disagree with the sentiments Maher has towards comics as a medium and Stan Lee.

Comics are a form of media, like books, movies, or video games. They can be used to entertain, but they can also be used to change the world in a very real and positive way. Anyone who’s followed Lee’s career can attest to that. He made characters and stories that entertained, but he also used comics to change people – and society for the better.

But did Maher insult Stan Lee’s legacy? Maybe a little. But the subject of the post wasn’t to undermine everything Lee did. It was a commentary on how skewed some of our priorities have gotten.

While I disagree with the man on most things – he isn’t guilty of what he’s being accused of…at least…not to the extent being pushed by pretty much everyone. The whole thing was caused by a huge exaggeration.

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