The Marvel Mafia Targets Diversity&Comics with DMCAs

It’s been a year of success for #ComicsGate. While Marvel creators suffered one staggering embarrassment after another, the independent creator movement known as #ComicsGate have pulled in hundreds of thousands in revenue per project and garnered huge audiences. That’s kind of what happens when you hire people on haircut styles and skin color rather than talent. And as colossal failures tend to do, the Marvel creators got super jelly and decided to launch yet another campaign to take Meyer down.

As Meyer says, these people are obsessed with him. As the dismal performance  So obsessed that he’s been able to rock the Marvel NPCs just by speaking the truth. They tried slandering him with accusations of sexism, racism, and transphobia – you know, the usual. When that didn’t shockingly didn’t drive him off, they tried something else.

Their next step was to hire a private detective to look into his past – then they took every juicy piece of info they found and posted it on twitter. They took Meyer’s experiment called the Dark Roast, which was just a raunchier version of his usual take-downs and tried to spin the comedy as the Mein Kampf of the comics industry. And when Meyer announced Jawbreakers: Lost Souls – the Marvel NPCs lost their minds.

They tried to get Meyer’s Patreon pulled down. They tried to get the IndieGoGo that was funding Jawbreakers taken down by saying he was a harasser of women and minorities. Foruntantly, because these people have never succeeded at anything that wasn’t just handed to them, they failed here too. That’s when Marvel called in the king of obsessive psychopaths – Mark Waid.

Jawbreakers was set to be published and distributed in stores with Antarctic Press. At first AP stood firm, but the Marvel NPCs launched such a relentless harassment campaign and Mark Waid put so much pressure on the company, that they folded – dropping Meyer’s book from the lineup.

Next up, the Marvel Mafia took Meyer’s comic – and the people who have professional artists, a huge budget, and an influential marketing department decided to make fun mock the works of a small indie team for not looking entirely professional.

Now we’ve finally come to the latest episode in a series of Disturbing Things the Obsessive Psychopaths at Marvel Do.

These comics big shots are so terrified by the one man, that they are now combing the archives of the Diversity&Comics YouTube channel in the hopes of stomping the channel into the ground with DMCA claims.

Here’s Ya Boi Zack himself, and how he plans to fight back.

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