Riots in France – Macron is a Shining Example of Progressive Policies in Action

Just like the American people did centuries ago, the French people finally stepped forward to fight back – and it was taxes that sparked the first flame. Earlier this year – French President Emmanuel Macron introduced a new tax on gas that would hike the prices by 30 cents per gallon. You got that right. While Trump recently made a deal that dropped American gas prices by 30 to 40 cents – Macron was busy gouging his people for more money.

Keep in mind that, in America, the gas prices were a little high – but nothing compared to France. In US currency – the French were already paying around $7 per gallon before Macron’s new tax was introduced.

On Nov 17 – a group of French drivers led a protest of 280,000 people to resist this new tax. Now, the tax might be troubling, but it’s nothing that should cause rampant violence right?


The “Yellow Vests” as they are called quickly went from peaceful protest to blocking highways, brawling with police and setting cars on fire. Washington Post over 112 cars were torched in the riot.

The 12-hour battle went beyond violent protest, beyond rioting, to the point of insurrection, even civil war.    The Guardian

But why was there a violent reaction from the French people over an, admittedly annoying, but simple gas tax? After all, it was introduced as a pull back on France’s reliance on fossil fuels. So why the hostility?

If you’ve been following how modern European leaders have been treated their own people like 2nd class citizens in their own country – it’s pretty clear that this isn’t just about a simple gas tax. European leaders have allowed in hordes of refugees from the middle east – people who don’t share their values and not only refuse to assimilate but drive to push Islamic/Middle Eastern values onto Europe.

These refugees drove trucks into crowds, they formed gangs to go on raping sprees, they killed priests, they groomed European children for sex, they formed No Go zones, they threw acid into women’s faces – scarring them for life. And when French people turned to their leaders for help, what happened? They covered it up. They punished the people for crying out – calling them extreme or racist. They commanded that their people take down National flags in order to stray away from offending the new Muslim invaders. For years, the European leadership has continuously stomped on the necks of their people without rest.

I recall reading about one German woman who was being accosted by two refugees because they liked her blond hair. She went to the police for help, only to be told to dye her hair. Europe has forsaken its people so they can appear kind-hearted.

When you take that into consideration – it probably comes to lessens the shock to learn that 100,000 French police were sent in with stun grenades, tear gas, and water cannons to help quell the violence caused by Macron’s policies. This is the guy they voted for.

Related image
Honestly France – it’s this kind of decision making that forced us to bail you out of two World Wars

I can only speculate, but it seems the French have finally gotten fed up with their leadership saying it’s all normal. That terrorist attacks should be accepted as everyday life, that they should accept rape gangs and grooming gangs and acid attacks and Islamic terrorists ramming trucks into their crowds and soaring crime rates. Maybe they’ve gotten tired of reaching out to the authorities and the people they elected to make their lives better and receiving a big fat middle finger in return – that’s been gathering this hostility. I think that might be the reason such violence has erupted over this gas tax. Sometimes the smallest spark can cause the biggest flame.

European leadership has been binding their people for far too long. They’ve been ignoring their cries for far too long. Now the people have been left with no avenue to fight back except violence.

Needless to say, President Macron is a shining example of progressive policies working at peak efficiency. All I can say is – I’m glad America managed to escape that fate – at least for now.

Charles Martel is probably turning in his grave.

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