Milo and AE MEDIA – The Truth You Won’t See Anywhere Else

I was shocked to read more lies in the press about me today. They say I owe $2m. I don’t! It’s at least $4m. Do you know how successful you have to be to owe that kind of money?                                                                                           -Milo Yiannopoulos

Some time ago, Milo Yiannopoulos had announced a new Austrailian tour with fellow right-wing icon Ann Coulter. The tour operator was called AE MEDIA. What followed was AE’s comical cavalcade of failure brought on by their own staggering ineptitude. These people were so lacking in talent that I wouldn’t be surprised if the company was run by millennials throwing around daddy’s money. Unfortunately, I have yet to confirm if Ben and Dan Spiller are young failures are old failures because they’re so unimportant that the internet seems to have ignored everything about them.

After these two guys took the ball and immediately fell flat on their faces – Milo was forced to step in with his own staff and expertise to save the day. Milo laid down the terms and AE MEDIA agreed. That’s when AE decided to back down from the deal. They stopped paying and left Milo holding the bag. Now, to cover their embarrassment, they’re threatening to sue Milo for everything. Too bad AE MEDIA might have landed themselves in hot water which includes withholding refunds from customers and extortion.

Spiller to Milo while getting lawyers papers:

“I know how to help you during your financial situation. Let’s smooth this over we should stop trying to annoy each other.”

This was said after Spiller cheated Milo out of $65,000 that the Spillers were contractually obligated to pay.

Spiller to Milo soon after he received no response:

“So we’ll proceed to bankrupt you in the UK initially. Should be done by Christmas.”

Other messages from Spiller to Milo:

“You don’t have until Friday. You don’t even have 12 hours. I need your conditions now if you want me to put the brakes on what we’re doing.”

“Ok. How about I send you 20K?”

“Nevermind. You get Ann’s 40K back from her and keep it. That’s our final offer.”

And then on NOV 20 – it goes to straight up blackmail.

Spiller to Milo Nov 20:

“I tried to negotiate with Chad (Chadwick Moore editor-in-chief at DANGEROUS). I don’t think he has your interest at heart. I tried to make this work for fans, ticket holders, and your career. Even offered to pay you more, plus a share of ticket sales, but I’m only moments away from releasing everything to the press, your database, and begin a lawsuit.”

The Spillers expressed their desire to bankrupt Milo in three different countries to save face over this colossal embarrassment.

Milo has since published the Spiller’s email addresses on Facebook so his fans can better request the refunds AE MEDIA has illegally refused to give them. To help validate my millennial theory, the Spillers 1. went through with their threat to release everything to the press and dropped dox of not only Milo but his family. (this is where the Guardian got a list of Milo’s debts and expenses)

“My former tour operator AE MEDIA, a criminal outfit that doxed my family, including children, this week, then hacked my website, refused to give punters refunds and leaked private emails has burned $500k of their dad’s money and have nothing but a pending class-action lawsuit to show for it.”        – Milo Yiannopoulos

2. the Spillers into full victim mode when they went blubbering to the press.

The Spillers told the Guardian that they had since received threats from unknown people via text and email. They said a group of men broke into a car at their home on Saturday morning, which they reported to police. The Guardian has seen video that the Spillers say shows them chasing these men down the street away from their home.

                                                                                                                              – The Guardian

A little of the old “it’s fair for us but not for you” mentality.

Milo’s careers has been in a slump since he was falsely accused of supporting pedophilia and child abuse. His comments were actually referring to his own experiences with an elderly priest when he was a boy. The comments were an attempt to deal with his terrible experience by playing it off as a joke instead of becoming a victim.

“I’ve been wrongly accused of being a pedophile “supporter”—whatever that means—despite being a victim of clerical sexual abuse.”     – Milo Yiannopoulos

He has since opened DANGEROUS BOOKS – his own publishing house and DANGEROUS.COM which acts as a platform for his magazine. Although he’s had some success – being de-platformed and held down for being the most effective right-wing icons in the circuit had taken its toll. He burned through his fortune and reserves. He was getting desperate – needing at least 30K per month just to keep the basic bills paid.

Milo had suffered one betrayal after another. He explained that there have been several people he’d gotten friendly with that turned on him the moment they had something they could take to the media. That’s how his email database leaked the first time. He would later send a private message to journalists – telling them to f-off so to speak. But he did it in a Milo way. This is how the “Milo Yiannopoulos calls for journalists to be shot” narrative got started. His private message was sensationalized by the ever hostile FakeNews. Milo almost had a win when he made a deal with a billionaire who would help fund his projects – only for the billionaire to die of an overdose the night before.

Milo would later mention getting kicked out of a restaurant by the ever hostile left-wing soy boys when he and his husband went out to dinner to take their minds off the loss. He pointed out how much he helped so many people that have made it big today. (Dave Rubin in particular). But when the time came to where Milo needed help most of all – when he was faced with slander and was being forced from his job – when his book DANGEROUS was canceled by Simon&Schuster – not one of these people came out to defend him. He’d become too toxic. He’s been cast aside by many of the people he’d helped get to where they are.

Milo had been taking hit after hit. And it was this desperation that led him into the deal with AE MEDIA. And that too fell through. But in the end – Milo is still standing. He’s about to make a comeback and he’s more DANGEROUS than ever. He’s joining Tommy Robinson and Gavin McInnes in Australia on the Deplorables tour. And this time no one is safe – right or left – everyone’s a target.

“I’m never going away. Bank balances come and go, but Milo will be funny, famous and fabulous and right about everything until the day he dies. I am a free speech icon. You can never defeat me. You will never shut me up. Here’s to 2019. With love from a bruised, broke—but unbeaten—hoe.”    Milo Yiannopoulos

Personal Note: I stuck with Milo through everything and I still support him. I was a VIP member of DANGEROUS.COM and remain a legacy member. I wish Milo the best of luck with his ambitious new project.

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