Lion Forge Allies With Feminist Writer Gail Simone – Guess How It’s Going

“Gail Simone writes all women as if they’re fat aunties cackling with the gals at Applebees.”

                                                                                          – Diversity&Comics

Lion Forge Comics was founded in 2011. Last year, the company experienced major growth. Their growth was so great, in fact, that they decided to expand their products with Caracal – a new imprint that focuses on graphic novels aimed specifically at children between the ages of 8 – 12.

Caracal Imprint

Caracal not only focused on producing fun stories but family-friendly stories that both parents and educators could approve of.

“Caracal is our commitment to delivering the kind of content parents and educators can get behind at home or in the classroom.”

                         – David Steward II, Lion Forge CEO and founder

While that may sound cool. You might be disappointed to learn that Lion Forge sells itself as a very progressive publisher. And according to this quote – it’s the wokest kid on the block.

“Lion Forge’s answer is to offer readers a list of graphic novels and periodical comics in a variety of genres, in addition to the more prevalent superhero comics, with selections that embrace the perspectives of women, people of color, and LGBTQ communities.”

-Publisher’s Weekly

But despite it’s stunted business plan, Lion Forge experienced meteoric growth in 2016 – going from just 10 employees in 2016 to 60 over the course of two years. They had a grand plan to launch 130 titles. On their hiring list was washed up comics has-been, Gail Simone.

“I recently accepted a job as Architect of the Catalyst Prime Universe, for @lionforge.”

                                                                                                 -Gail Simone, Sept 27, 2018

Although Lion Forge has declared that their company focuses on covering a wide range of genres to appeal to as many people as possible. To be inclusive, you might say. Simone was brought on board to become their very own Stan Lee. She is the set to be the creator Catalyst Prime superhero universe. And it fits right into her Social Terrorist wheelhouse since the slogan of this particular universe is: “Where anyone can be a superhero.”

Yes, I know. I had to hold back the vomit too.

This whole company sound drenched in social justice crap. So how are they successful? What happened to “Get Woke? Go Broke?” Are things changing?

Well…about two months later Lion Forge said this:

“We are restructuring from the top down, and across all departments to ensure that our organization’s size and structure remains in line with our sales, as well as providing support for future increase in title output.”

                                                                                                       -Lion Forge, Nov 29, 2018

This was stated in the wake of laying off 12 employees. They experienced an explosive growth, but when they hurled themselves into full-blown social justice and hired Gail Simone – suddenly they slammed on the brakes and started dropping people.

So maybe Lion Forge started seeing the money flowing in and they indulged a little too much in their ambition. Maybe they had spread themselves too thin. Or maybe hiring Gail Simone to head an entire section of their “inclusive and diverse” new superhero universe did what political correctness always does and place failure where there was once success.

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