Patreon Purge? Sargon of Akkad Gets His Account Banned (UPDATED w/ Peterson)

“Hi @Patreon – by banning Sargon of Akkad (depriving a father of his main source of income right before Christmas, how lovely) you are actually silencing a classical liberal who has debated & opposed the far-right innumerable times.”

– Paul Joseph Watson

Leftists are vile, wretched, psychotic, not to mention irredeemably ugly. They’re like the evil bottom feeding microbes that feed off the dead – constantly trying to break out down and failing right up until the moment they succeed. This time, Patreon has bent to the pressure of the rabid left – and this one might really hurt.

Just a few days ago – right-wing icon Milo Yiannopoulos attempted to start a Patreon account to help fund his comeback. Of course, Milo is so effective at dismantling the outrageous assertions of the left that he drew in the crybabies like flies to garbage. His account was removed within 24 hours.

While this may have been part of Milo’s plan to gain more notoriety in the press, the ever-rabid leftists had a taste of blood and began reporting accounts left and right.

Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) was the next to fall prey to the left’s endless barrels of hate. Sargon of Akkad is a YouTuber who rose to fame during the #GamerGate movement. He has since been amassed a large following of nearly 900,000 people. He became the founder of a new political party called the Liberalists and recently joined the United Kingdom Independence Party.

It’s known that Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Patreon because of his past association with The Proud Boys (falsely labeled a hate group) As of right now, the specific reason Sargon of Akkad has been banned from Patreon is unknown – though it is very likely that Carl Benjamin’s ban may have something to do with his past affiliations with people like Yiannopoulos and his public political activities.

Before going down Carl Benjamin had a strong following on Patreon as well and was taking in nearly $12,000 per month.

It’s unknown if this loss was a permanent ban or just a glitch in the system. What might happen is a mystery – and so is who might be next.


“Hello all quick statement, everything is fine on my end please don’t fret. I still make money from YouTube so I will not go hungry just yet. I’m emailing Patreon and see what can be done about all this, because I think this is unjust. Failing that, I will I will work closely with alt tech to create alternatives and publicise them.”

– Sargon of Akkad (Dec 7, 2018)

In the wake of more information pouring in – it seems that this could have been a push by neo-nazi groups to trick the company into removing Sargon’s Patreon page. Carl Benjamin, regardless of any recent or past activity, has always been an ardent opponent of the movement known as the Alt-Right and of course the Far-Right.


“…this is the “first they came for the Nazis, then they came for Alex Jones” because now they’ve come for the centrists”

“Honestly, everything is fine, just make sure people are aware this is political.”

-Sargon of Akkad (Dec 7, 2018)

In the wake of his banning, Sargon of Akkad – an associate of Sargon Vee released a video where he discusses the event and makes the suggestion that the payment processing companies may have also pressured Patreon into dropping Sargon’s account. He recounts a similar event happening to James Allsup – another political YouTube personality.

While waiting for updates Sargon has posted the Community Guidelines of Patreon and affirmed that their rules on hate-speech do not cover things sound outside of Patreon – their terms only cover things discussed on the platform itself.

“Their hate speech guidelines are only about things posted on patreon. I did not post anything on patreon that violated their hate speech guidelines. They use “manifest observable behavior” for things done off-patreon” 
– Sargon of Akkad
New update. It seems that Patreon has indeed given Sargon the cold shoulder.

A patron of Sargon’s did reach out to Patreon – inquiring why the page was removed and got this as a response:

Dec – 8

Well known, yet controversial, professor of psychology Jordan Peterson has announced that he may be joining the fray concerning the banned account of Sargon of Akkad. Jordan Peterson has had a rather meteoric rise to stardom starting with his refusal to obey a Canadian law he felt infringed on his right to free speech. His book 12 Rules For Life has sold in the millions and his speaking tour was seen colossal success. He also happens to have one of the largest Patreon accounts on the platform – ranging in at over $100,000 per month.

After learning of both Milo’s and Sargon of Akkad’s (Carl Benjamin) exile from Patreon he tweeted out this:

The results are unknown. Peterson has gained quite a bit of influence. It’s possible he could save Sargon of Akkad’s account. It’s likely nothing will happen. However…it’s also possible that Peterson could be expelled as well.

Sargon explains the details of what happened.

One thought on “Patreon Purge? Sargon of Akkad Gets His Account Banned (UPDATED w/ Peterson)

  1. There’s nothing more sad than a bunch of people kicking and screaming everyday about how THEY are not racist, but then elect a guy like Trump who makes horrific comments about John McCain or Illegals or Muslims. Racism has been prevalent in society for nearly the birth of mankind. So for people to pretend its all gone for their own ego and convenience is really sad. Racism is an evolution, and a guy with a personality like you, HAD you been born in the 1800’s would have made a fine racist with the way you take the actions of a few and blindly generalize it to millions of people. Seriously, FUCK you. Racism against blacks is nearly gone thanks to our social institutions and culture, that doesn’t mean people like aren’t capable of racism, it just means that racist mindset is mitigated somewhere else, like how Trump thinks he can make up insidious lies about Muslims

    You want vile and despicable you piece of trash? Patreon bans some guy MAYBE for political reasons but I’m willing to believe based off history that uncivil content tends to be banned rather than content based in ideology. But Donald Trump was voted by 62 million people who saw his actions against John McCain and how he mocked him for being a war hero, THAT is vile and ugly. This patreon thing is an action made by a couple of people, most democrats have no idea what’s happening, and the fact that now every leftist on earth, the nuns, soldiers, teachers, firefighters, blood donors, are all evil because sociopaths like you want to look like the good guy, because you’re clearly trying to compensate being an unempathic sociopath for most of your life, is another great thing about Trump’s presidency, he finally has exposed new racism, that isn’t 1960’s racism, but is a mere evolution of it with his comments against muslims and illegals.

    SOME people may ban people for political bias, (Some argue maybe he and others were banned purely due to nasty behavior) I don’t know the details but based off this twitter hysteria, people tend to be banned for abusive behavior on both sides, rather than purely political ideology. But because of the actions of a company which may be moderated by a couple of people, somehow every leftist on earth is a vile piece of shit. Oh come clean with it, you LOVE it when leftists ban conservatives, the same way a racist LOVES it when a black person commits a crime, because its not about that one black guy, its about the seething jealous and inferiority complex that racists have against blacks that they use unfortunate instances of bad behavior (That Trump has demonstrated constantly) to pin the blame on millions of leftists who know nothing of Patreon or Sargon of Akkad.

    Long story short: Trump is a racist-adjacent, he appeals to racist. YOU are proof that this is a racist administration. He makes overarching comments about ALL muslims, ALL illegals. And when people say the Right has a racism problem, the right wing media gets angry? Taking the actions of a few and applying it to millions of people while ignoring various attempts on the right to silence dissenting opinion from banning Climate change to demand NFL players to quit to erasing southern textbooks of any history of slavery means both sides engage in suppression of speech in the avenues they control. There is a possibility he was banned for ideology, ALSO a chance he may have been banned for just being a prick. Maybe the Right wing celebrities should present their ideas in ways that are civil minded, engaging, and polite. Instead, they demonize, insult, and generalize with vile insults, and then ASSUME the banning MUST be because of Ideology. JUST like Trump, Trump is hated not because he’s a republican, but because he’s a massive D-bag, but when he puts that magic (R) on, suddenly, every conservative loves him and sees him as a poster child of leftist aggression. Yikes, Bill Cosby and Jared Fogle should become Republicans too if it grants them that shield of identity politics.


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