Subscribestar – The Hero We Need Right Now?

About two weeks ago, Patreon made the mistake of banning YouTuber Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) from their platform for the use of a racial slur he’d said in a live conversation on YouTube. His banning sparked a kind of exodus. Many people, creators and supporters alike, are jumping ship after Patreon finally bent the knee to the progressive left. As a consequence, Sargon led the group to another Patreon-esque platform where people can financially support their creators called SubscribeStar.

Sargon mentioned that he liked the platform since it had the Discord feature like Patreon had, and as of the writing of this article – Subscribestar has yet to push Sargon out. But the switch was made out of urgency, not necessarily because Subscribestar promised to be any different or safer than Patreon.

Popular anti-Social justice heroes Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin (both currently holding sizable accounts on Patreon) have begun discussing the creation of a Patreon platform that would not bend to pressure from the left. So, now that everyone seems to be gravitating toward Subscribestar – the question is – will the platform be an icon of fair play or just another repeat of Patreon.

Subscribestar actually responded to that question with a very interesting answer:

It seems that Subscribestar is ideologically on the side of free expression. If their statement is to be taken at face value – this could be the change needed to push back against the rather Orwellian power that the far-left love to utilize.

But as Subscribestar mentions – if it were up to them, they would remain a neutral platform, but there could come a time when they might need to comply with the payment processing companies.

So, are they the hero we need right now? Possibly, but as Subscribestar says – only time will tell.

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