#DeletePatreon Now: The Silicon Valley Mafia

When Patreon banned Carl Benjamin of Swindon (Sargon of Akkad) it sparked a huge backlash. Many supporters decided to jump ship after Patreon declared its obvious political bias against those who stand against Political Correctness. Even some creators have decided to close their lucrative accounts. Most notably – Sam Harris who had this to say:

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In the wake of Patreon turning up the heat on those who don’t fall in line with the progressive point of view, many leftists and socialists have suddenly embraced the virtues of the free market. They laugh as Patreon takes funding away from their opponents and tell banned creators to just find another platform. In other words, the progressive movement is an authoritarian push. They will applaud anything that allows them free reign to silence their enemies.

Just like when Patreon decided to instantly ban Milo Yiannopoulos based on nothing but political bias. They used Milo’s past association with the Proud Boys as an excuse due to the #FakeNews that the FBI had labeled them a hate group. They did not.

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Sargon of Akkad indirectly led an exodus from Patreon to another platform called Subscribestar. And Subscribestar happily accepted the business Patreon was tossing away. But competition is not allowed where major platforms are concerned. Soon after Subscribestar became the new home of the “wrong thinkers” – other major companies decided to step up in order to crush Subscribestar into the dirt.

Enter the Silicon Valley Mafia…

The socialists on the left laugh at banned creators because they were often the ones who preached for capitalism and the free market. They say that this is the free market at work. But it isn’t. Alex Jones was our warning of bigger things to come. This is collusion by major companies to stomp out the competition.

Patreon was the chosen one. The golden boy for crowdfunding platforms. So when Subscribestar became the next big thing – PayPal and Stripe immediately pulled their support in a coordinated effort to make it impossible for a company, who just wanted to do business without a set political ideology, to function. This isn’t a free market. This is a mafia: “Either do business with us, or you don’t do business at all.”

Basically, Mastercard and PayPal act as the Luca Brasi for other big companies. You don’t take the Godfather’s deal, they’re going to come beat up the guy you DID go with. They’ll put his head in your bed.

This is business collusion. They are many faces acting as one – and leftists are the useful idiots helping to protect this power because they’re using it to silence their enemies…for now.

This is a monopoly. And this conclusion becomes all the more eerie when you look back at an interview Patreon’s CEO had with Dave Rubin – where he confirms that CEOs tend to get together and help each other out.

But people are already fighting back. What happened to Sargon caused such a huge backlash – the news has broken the barrier and gone past the political sphere. There may even be grounds to sue bring legal charges against the company. But for now – the best thing to do is delete Patreon and move to Subscribestar – the platform who promised to do everything in their power to be the people to uphold free speech and operate with a fair hand.

https://literaturedevil.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1fTbwui7o5aDZ6W1dOLTQ

2 thoughts on “#DeletePatreon Now: The Silicon Valley Mafia

  1. Hate speech isn’t free speech, though. I don’t think this is an attack on average conservatives so much as it is just a cleanout of extremists from every political group who are being legitimately threatening and bigoted, which is totally fair in my eyes. Subscribestar is also much less known than Patreon, so it’ll be really hard to get the same amount of support from that website. My best advice is to send Patreon a letter of concern or something if you feel threatened by this.


    • Too often its difficult to read between the lines of political bias and being banned because you are a massive prick. I have yet to see ANY proof that the ban was due to political bias and whether this was politically motivated or morally motivated (Either of which could be possible). Donald Trump is the perfect example of this, too often we hear that people trying to attack, insult, or silence him is purely because he’s a republican being persecuted. Of course the REALITY is, people find his disgusting NOT because he’s a republican but because he’s a terrible human being, making idiotic comments about Obama being born in kenya, saying McCain isn’t a war hero, Muslims cheered for 9/11 in New Jersey, Illegals are mostly rapists.

      EVEN on Twitter, people on both ideological spectrum are banned because of meanness and incivility of their comments. I’ve seen many of their channels and lets just say, you never see a nice calm polite conservative get banned. So maybe its more about being an asshole than being a conservative. That may not ALWAYS be true, its possible they are susceptible to bias, but again, this pathetic moniker of “Free speech” is such BS, Trump wanted to fire NFL players for speech, Florida wanted to ban climate change as a term, southern textbooks try to erase slavery or downplay it, HE’S THE PRESIDENT VOTED BY 62 million people, The potential silicon valley bias is not being endorsed by most leftists even when a racist-adjacent like Literature devil keeps making sickening generalizations about how MOST leftists laugh at this stuff. Alex Jones is a good example, people like him are banned and not taken seriously because he makes up BS about parkland or just keeps lying or makes incredibly uncivil content, maybe if Infowars presented their ideas with respect and civility, no one would ban them, but they choose to be rambunctious A-holes, so they immediately conflate it with bias, when in reality, spreading lies really should get you thrown off. But I never believed banning was a good idea, its better to just explain why Jones is a lunatic rather than get rid of him, but I still have yet to see proof it was politically motivated.

      But in general, I find this idea that “Free speech” is under attack as such BS. NO POLITICIAN on the left wants to ban free speech, but DONALD TRUMP literally said he wanted to ban Muslims from coming into our country and he was VOTED for, some people on college campuses just don’t like certain people and want to boycott them similar to maybe if Al Sharpton wanted to rock out in a country music festival, i wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to ban him. So this “Free speech” is under attack simply gives people who voted for a man who wanted to ban all muslims, a veil that THEY are the heroes of America.


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