Meyer and Hambly Lawsuits – What If They Lose?

One of the greatest things to come out of 2018 was the beginning of a real push back against the radical leftists. Oh sure, we had droves of YouTube and other syndicated political commentators to help point out the craziness, but that didn’t stop the insanity, and it didn’t stop the major forces in every country from listening to the crybaby minority. Finally, 2018 saw people take the first steps at a real push back through legal channels – and suddenly the NPC mob was hit with something they never had before in any respect…real life consequences.

Richard Meyer (Diversity&Comics) brought a suit against well-known comics industry creep, Mark Waid, when Waid tried to gatekeep Meyer’s comic book from hitting the shelves. Then Jeremy Hambly (The Quartering) brought his own legal suit against a coward named Matt Loter who, despite being some kind of martial arts instructor, decided that the only way he could win against a guy who plays Magic: The Gathering all day is to attack from behind.

While both Meyer and Hambly have good cases against their NPC opponents, I’ve seen the question raised many times: what if they lose?

A lot of people tend to think that these cases are a do or die situation. That if these suits fail, then we’re all doomed. But, I don’t think that’s the case, and here’s why.

Meyer and Hambly opened a door that had, until now, been sealed shut. And the door had remained shut for many reasons. One reason actually being people who stand against Political Correctness. Yeah, for some reason, the thought of fighting back in any other way other than pure critique or simple trolling is seen as out of bounds. That using your legal rights is somehow going too far, or sinking to their level. These are the kind of people who think you shouldn’t press charges against someone who punches you in the face. The second reason is funding. Taking someone to court, even if you’re in the right, is a long and costly process. Even then, you might not even win. Court cases like these are a huge gamble. This is why so many leftists can openly do these insane things like threaten people, steal, and commit assault and get off clean. No one wants to go through the hassle – especially because, even if they win, they might not ever see a dime.

These two lawsuits are pushing real-world consequences onto the NPC crowd for the illegal acts they’ve actually committed. In some people’s eyes, if these suits fail, it will show the NPC crowd that the legal system is on their side. And it might be true. So I can understand why some people are concerned that a loss here will forever pave the way for these psychos to commit their crimes with impunity.

Here’s the thing. We’ve already won. Meyer and Hambly have both opened the door. They’ve opened people’s eyes to this possibility, and the hatred for PC culture and the NPC crowd has become so massive, huge waves of people stepped up and donated to Meyer and Hambly’s legal war chest.

Hambly’s fundraiser reached $33,000 and Meyer’s broke into six figures with $112,000. That kind of response is what will deliver the deathblow to NPC insanity. Why? Because, while legal cases are time-consuming and expensive for the accuser, they also eat up a lot of time and money from the defendant. So, in the end, it’s not about Meyer and Hambly’s victory – it’s about the momentum started by their bravery.

People like Waid and Loter will always engage in these actions. If Meyer and Hambly lose, there will be another person ready to sue people like these. As long as they can get the financial funding to take people likes these to court – pretty soon they won’t have the money or clout to hire super lawyers or to pull in funding. If they’re constantly sinking in legal cases – they’ll run out of resources and friends. They’ll be treated like the toxic mounded of fetid flesh they really are – and for things they’ve actually done.

It’s not up to Meyer and Hambly to win the fight against the NPCs – it’s up to the rest of us to keep the fight going until we win.

4 thoughts on “Meyer and Hambly Lawsuits – What If They Lose?

  1. Meyer and Hambly are two dumb fucks are gonna loose. This will lead to nothing bit showing how pathetic your side is. You rightwingers are jokes. You are the ones doing all the gatekeeping and commiting crimes, making threats, commiting assault and stealing. You are the real criminals. You are the real psychos. You are the real monsters and you should be stopped.


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