Featured Artist: Kristen Brand – White Knight and Black Valentine

I mentioned before that one of my favorite hobbies is to explore the world of indie authors for hidden gems lost in the sea of coal. And one of my favorite genres to explore for great indie authors is the superhero genre. What’s that? Yes, pros superhero fiction exists and it’s awesome. There are quite a few notable authors in the indie superhero genre, but Kristen Brand truly stands out. Her main trilogy follows the retired superhero White Knight and his wife, the former supervillainess, the Black Valentine. The first book begins after both have been married, retired, and had a child. It’s kind of like the Godfather 3’s: “they keep pulling me back in.” But what do you expect when one of the most notorious villains in the country marries the most popular heroes in the country? Being the best comes with a lot of baggage…a lot of baggage that doesn’t go away. The stories are well edited, excellently

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Featured Artist: Mike Leon and Kill Team One

Mike Leon is a master of pumping shamelessly over-the-top testosterone fest after testosterone fest that skull fucks political correctness every chance it gets. And if that sentence was “too offensive” for you, then turn back now – because that’s nothing compared to the paradise of offense in these books…and I loved every minute. Discovering and reading independent authors is one of my favorite hobbies. I stumbled upon Mike Leon’s work a few months ago. I started with Rated R, which makes sense since it’s titled as book one, then I read Kill Kill Kill which appears like a stand-alone novel, but is actually the prequel to Rated R. Be warned, these books run on the black and grey morality concept. In other words, the protagonists would probably be bad guys in any other story. Even the most moral characters end up stabbing children to death or burning whole families alive. But if that’s the case, how bad are the villains?

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