Why Forcing Diversity Fails

Every writer has their own process, but with many writers I’ve known, new characters often start as a collection of traits before they become an actual “character.” In fact, there are entire tropes dedicated to this idea. The Five Man Band, for example, is a good starting point for writers wanting to create a story involving a group of protagonists instead of one central character. The Band includes the following: The Leader – The hero of the story The Lancer – The contrasting character to the hero. Often the best friend or rival The Smart Guy – The go to character for exposition and for formulating plans The Big Guy – The toughest character The Chick – The emotional heart of the team These are easy, workable templates for any writer of any experience level. But, again, these are only starting points. A character needs personality, motivations, likes, dislikes, virtues, flaws, and values. These details make them unique and relatable

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