5 Great Alan Moore Stories You Never Heard Of

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys movies or you occasionally dabble into the world of comics, chances are the name Alan Moore rings a bell. “Isn’t he the guy who wrote Watchmen?” “Hey! That’s the V for Vendetta guy.” “Didn’t he write the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?” “He’s the writer of the Killing Joke, isn’t he?” If your response was anything like that, then you would be correct. Those are some of the most famous works by Alan Moore, but they aren’t his only works and they definitely aren’t his only good ones. So, I’ve put together a short list of Moore stories I think are worth a read… Spoiler Warning! Brief Lives One of the most interesting things about Alan Moore is his signature use of nihilistic humor. And Brief Lives is one of the best examples of an Alan Moore style dark nihilistic comedies. The story revolves around a proud alien empire of spider people who

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