#ComicsGate Are The Fans

Comics pros have been going out of there way to denounce the fan rebellion known as #ComicsGate as an “Alt-Right” hate group. They say #ComicsGate is made up of sexists, racists, bigots, and whiney man-babies. And most of all, they say #ComicsGate aren’t the real fans. I’ve long held the belief that #ComicsGate is where the fans fled when the comics industry went insane. So who’s right? Is #ComicsGate just a hate movement? Or has it all just been one big smear campaign? Well, the awesome Peter Simeti of Alterna Comics has shown us the answer. For those of you not familiar with the controversy surrounding Alterna Comics, the small business was essentially bullied by big industry for the terrible crime of…placing fan interaction standards on their creators. The SJW Marvel and other creators, there’s no bigger sin than professionalism. The barrage of hate from the Marvel Mafia was so relentless, in fact, that Peter admitted to having suicidal thoughts.

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