EU Copyright Might Ruin Your Business

On Sept 12, 2018 – the European Union passed Articled 11 & 13, which would require media platforms to block all posts that violate copyright. Now, this might not seem so bad. But this includes images too, even if it’s not posted for money making purposes. So those movie GIFs you like to post on Twitter? According to the EUs new rules, Twitter is required to stop you from posting those. Remember those awesome Oprah GIFs where she’s saying “You get a car?” or the epic Robert Downey Jr. eye roll? Can’t post those either because they violate copyright. But that’s not even the craziest part. If you’re a photographer living within the EU, this will concern you. You know those beautiful photos of city skylines and buildings? According to the EU’s new rules and the politicians who dreamt them up, if you take one of these delightful city pictures and try to sell them for money, you might be

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