The Quartering Gets Assaulted: Should There Be Consequences?

Jeremy Hambly, also the YouTuber known as The Quartering, was allegedly assaulted by a man named Matt Loter in a bar. Why was Jeremy Hambly assaulted? Because the guy wearing a rainbow decided The Quartering should be beaten for his opinions. The assault was apparently savage enough for concussions to possibly be part of the picture. Political violence is something that’s been becoming more and more common since “Punch A Nazi.” The story is clear-cut. SJW who loved Anita Sarkeesian decided violence was alright because The Quartering doesn’t like her. Typically, left-wingers tend to get a lot of sympathies when they commit violence, if they don’t outright get away with it completely. However, Hambly has decided to sue Loter in civil court. Now, this seems like common sense, but I have seen this move criticized for being too close to something a Social Justice Warrior would do. And, is it really? Social Justice Warriors are easily identified by their ability

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