#PulpRev: Forgotten Story

Remember when just having fun or being entertained was acceptable? In recent years, a strange myth has started going around that having fun is for kids and “immature” men. That once you’ve reached the arbitrary age of adulthood, you’re no longer allowed to indulge in entertainment for entertainment’s sake. That past a certain age, you’re no longer allowed to explore magical lands with knight and wizard or fly a ship into the endless universe to fight aliens and evil empires. Instead, every movie you watch, every show you binge, and every book you read has to have some extra meaning. They must be political or social commentary or parody. And if you dare to enjoy something with no strong underlying message, then it’s considered “juvenile” or “mindless.” This, of course, is a lie. People need time to de-stress, to take a break from reality, especially in times of turmoil. The era of pulp fiction reached its golden age during the

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