Why Do SJWs Turn Everything into A Comedy?

From Teen Titans, to Thundercats, to Marvel movies, and Star Wars…why do SJWs feel the need to turn everything into cringy comedies? There’s been an odd trend coming from left-wing showrunners, and that trend is to turn everything into a comedy. We’ve seen this several times, where a fully developed franchise is gutted of its depth and left with only comedy. Of course, there is a long list of genres that cover a long list of interests, but something all the greatest works have in common is balance. A good work may be decent enough to pass as worthwhile entertainment. A good action movie, for example, will have all the necessary gun battles, explosions, and megalomaniacs needed to keep its target audience engaged until the end. A good romance will have a handsome love interest and a relatively average main character with dreams of a better life and who’s interior beauty will become exterior beauty by the end. Both good.

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Thunder Cats, Teen Titans and Safe-Space Culture

Cartoon Network’s announcement of Thundercats Roar, a reboot of a classic cartoon from the 80’s, caused a huge uproar of its own…mainly for being terrible. It’s a more cartoonish take on the old series with a style to match. The goal is to place a stronger focus on comedy and family-friendly goofiness. The fans reacted negatively, to put it mildly, and the phrase “Cal Arts style” was coined. Cal Arts refers to the soft, simple art style that has become somewhat of an epidemic in modern western animation. Shows like Steven Universe and The Amazing World of Gumball are prime examples of this style; however, my concern is not so much with the original content created but with a much darker trend that started with Teen Titans. And this trend, in my opinion, is indicative of the safe-space coddle culture that has made a comfortable home in the millennial generation. Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans became very popular, with its quality

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