TIME: Welcome to America – A Pro-Trump Cover

On 6/21/2018, TIME magazine unveiled their latest cover which reflects the current immigration crisis. And it’s the greatest Pro-Trump cover they could have given… The cover depicts a little girl crying – sent to a far away land, lead not by her father, but a stranger who took her parent’s money. The money her parents worked for. The money they saved and earned. All so the wicked cayote could take her from home and leave her in this strange new land, leaving her alone, crying…and wanting more than anything to return to her family and wanting even more…not to be alone anymore. Then we have Trump standing off to one side as if he’d heard her sobs and appeared like a mythical character to do what no American President had ever tried to do before…to make her stop crying. The policy that separated children from their “parents” was enacted back in 1997 under Bill Clinton, laxed under George W. Bush,

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